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A little ITT workout yesterday; Stocked up and ready to cut!

Sunday, September 6, 2015 by  
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It feels strange writing a free-form blog on Sunday (my maintenance program is over, and my cut starts on Tuesday).

Yesterday was a very productive day.

Sports-Time-Trial-Biking-iconI kicked things off with a 45 mile morning ride. On that ride I did some ITT (Individual Time Trial) training, and took a stab at negative power intervals. Negative intervals are simply doing the second half of an interval or race faster (and/or higher power) than the first half. I chose to do this experiment on an 11.4 mile segment of my ride that is an out-and-back, with a large loop in the middle. I put down an average of 280 watts on the first half, and 297 watts on the second 5.7 mile leg. My average power for the entire segment was 288 watts, and my average speed was 24.3 MPH. The wind was light, and not much of a factor.

I was too conservative going out, and should have gone harder. MY FTP is somewhere around 305 (it’s been awhile since I’ve tested it, but that’s probably about right), so I should have gone out much harder, and still had plenty left in the tank to up my power the second half. The next time I do this I’m going to shoot for 300 watts out, and 315 on the return leg. It was a good learning experience.

The other day I did a 15 km (9.1 mile) out and back TT interval–a typical TT race distance–and on that section I averaged 294 watts/24.4 MPH. Of course that interval–like the interval above–was part of a larger ride, so I was going hard, but not all out.

I think in a 15 km TT race I could average 320-325 watts. Not needing to worry about saving something for the rest of the ride combined with my competitive nature, I might be able to do even better. I’m super excited to start racing in January and find out! 🙂

After my ride Lisa and I did our epic Costco run. Our freezers are packed with lean proteins, and we’re all stocked up for the cut.

This morning I’m doing 75 miles with a few fast fast friends, and it’s a great route. I’ve been looking forward to this ride all week.

Have a great day!

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