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Second splurge of this cut, second surprise

Monday, September 21, 2015 by  
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Last Monday I wrote about the so-called “splurge” snack I consumed the day prior (movie theater popcorn). The snack was noteworthy because it was the first time over the past 14 years that I’ve had anything off my strict diet while cutting. If you want to know how it affected me, go give that blog a quick read.

Yesterday–in the name of science, of course–I decided to have my optional weekly splurge. Exact same food as last week: movie theater popcorn.

surpriseI was curious about a few things…

How would the splurge affect me mentally (I’m traditionally extremely “all or nothing” when cutting)? Would it affect my actual progress? How would I compare to my January 2015 cut (which was started at the exact same scale weight as this cut)? Would I retain water?

Like I said, in the name of science. 🙂

Mentally, no problem at all. Had the snack, enjoyed it, resumed normal cutting diet for the rest of the day.

Actual progress is sort of muddled in with the water weight question. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 171.0 pounds, which was 2 pounds less than my weight on Saturday morning. I speculated in yesterday’s blog that the reason for my sudden 2 pound loss was the hot and tough 72 mile ride I did on Saturday. I fully expected my scale weight to rebound about a pound by this morning–especially considering I had a cheat snack very high in sodium.

The interesting thing is that this morning my scale weight didn’t change much at all. Despite the popcorn and almost two days of replenishing what was lost on Saturday morning’s ride, my scale weight this morning is 171.4 pounds–just 0.4 pounds more than Sunday morning. Cool.

Because I started both this cut and my January 2015 cut at identical scale weights, the two cuts beg comparison. This is especially true because, by in large, my diet is the same. The only real difference is the weekly cheat meal or snack.

So, how am I tracking now after two weeks compared to my January 2015 cut? I’m down 2.6 more pounds now compared to January, and have 0.5% less body fat (9.6% now compared to 10.1% at week two in January).

It’s still too early to draw any conclusions, but so far it seems that the weekly splurge is actually helping my progress. I’ll be damned.

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