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Scale weight over the past week; Video of the dogs playing

Friday, September 25, 2015 by  
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Even though my diet has been 100% clean and to plan, my weight has slowly rebounded over the past few days from my abnormally low Sunday weight. You may recall that I was very depleted on Sunday from Saturday’s tough ride, and my scale weight reflected that.

On Monday I was only up 0.4 pounds from Sunday’s weight, which I thought was a little unusual (I was expecting at least a full pound as I replenished). My scale weight continued to creep up over the next couple of days, and my weight has remained right at 172.6 for the past two days. I find that quite surprising considering how clean I’ve been eating this week. I do feel like I’m holding some water right now (I’m not sure why), so hopefully by Sunday I’ll be down a couple pounds.

Here’s a video that didn’t make it in to yesterday’s dog blog (I uploaded the video after yesterday’s blog had already been published). In this video Sonny (right) is playing aggressive tug with Buckley. The floor is littered with the guts of various disemboweled dog toys. Sonny and Buckley are getting along great so far, but they are still figuring out who is top dog…


Happy Friday!

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