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Solid ride yesterday; Good luck Six Gap riders; More dog video.

Saturday, September 26, 2015 by  
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Yesterday I did a 50 mile ride, and my friend Sebastian joined me for about half the ride. Sebastian is always a blast to ride with–fast, positive and basically just an all-around good dude.

I was feeling pretty strong on the bike yesterday and, as much fun as I had, I found myself lamenting the fact that I was not in Georgia for Six Gap (it’s tomorrow). I don’t feel like I’m peaking right now, but my conditioning is solid–I think I would have put in a decent performance. I really wish I could have gone this year. Good luck to all my friends who are riding!

Here’s a shot from yesterday’s ride:

Another excellent Friday morning ride with Sebastian!

Another excellent Friday morning ride with Sebastian!


After my morning ride I came home and worked, with occasional breaks to act as referee. Sonny and Buckley are really getting along great, but they play so rough that I like to keep a close eye on them.

In yesterday’s blog I posted a video of the dogs playing. Here’s another one in the “Alpha Wars” series. In this video they are playing keep-away and mock fighting. Excuse the condition of the house, the dogs have been disemboweling toys all week. After work yesterday I picked things up and vacuumed, but that lasted about an hour.


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