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Two cut data comparison: now this is just getting weird!

Monday, September 28, 2015 by  
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Starting my current cut at the exact same weight as my January 2015 cut was an interesting coincidence. My starting body fat percentages were slightly different, however: 11.5% in January vs 11.0% in September. The lean mass difference could be water weight, muscle or just margin of error on the calipers. Regardless, it’s less than a pound of lean mass, and barely worth mentioning.

dataAlso unusual, after the first week of each cut I was at the exact same weight, right down to the 10th of a pound. My body fat percentage also equalized, 10.5% on both cuts.

The Sunday before last, after two weeks of cutting, my scale weight was artificially low because I was depleted from a long hot ride the day prior. Because of that, a scale weight comparison between the two cuts was not accurate.

Yesterday my scale weight was–you guessed it–100% identical to my scale weight after three weeks of cutting in January: 170.8 pounds. My body fat comparison after three weeks is 9.2% in January vs 8.8% now. I started my current cut at a 0.5% lower body fat percentage than my January cut, so that’s tracking remarkably close as well.

In terms of calories, activity level and macros, all of those things are more or less the same now as they were back in January. The big difference between these two cuts is that during my current cut I’ve had one splurge snack per week (movie theater popcorn), while my January cut was ultra-strict with no cheat meals.

I still believe it’s too early to draw any firm long-term conclusions, but at this point it’s clear that the weekly splurge has not affected my progress at all. Also worth mentioning–and this was something that was of major concern–mentally the weekly cheat has also not had any negative effect on me. Because my personality is so all-or-nothing, I was concerned that backing off the throttle–even briefly–would slow my momentum and tempt me into allowing “just one more splurge”. That’s not been the case at all, and I consider that a major early victory!

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