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Feeling a little under the weather; Sleeping on the edge of the bed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 by  
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I was feeling a little off last night, so I went to bed extra early, and turned my alarm off. I slept an extra 1.5 hours (until 6:00 AM!), and I think I needed it.

This morning I’m feeling a little under the weather for some reason. Nothing too serious, just a little bit weak and stuffy. I did a recovery ride yesterday, and this morning I think I’m going to go easy again just to give my body a little extra rest. Hopefully whatever it is won’t progress any further.

Speaking of sleep, I’ve been a little uncomfortable in bed the past few nights.

Back in the day Loki and Turtle slept with us every night. Sometimes it would get a little crowded depending on how they positioned themselves, and I’d often find myself lucky to claim a scant 6 inches of bed, right on the edge of the mattress, with just enough covers to reach halfway around my body. :/

We adopted Sonny in January of this year, and he has always slept with us. There’s plenty of room on our king-sized bed for 2 people and dog, and so all was well…

Now that Buckley has joined the pack I’m back to sleeping like a pretzel, with no covers, on 6 inches of precious mattress real estate. For some reason the dogs love to sleep pressed right up against me. Sometimes I look over at Lisa sprawled out on half the bed, blissfully sleeping away, and want to hit her with a pillow.

I worked all morning on this depiction.

I should just move to the floor. I'd be more comfortable.

I should just move to the floor. I’d be more comfortable.

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4 Responses to “Feeling a little under the weather; Sleeping on the edge of the bed.”
  1. Yep exactly how I end up in our superking with wife and child. There is plenty of room in theory but said child always sleeps across the bed not vertically so one ends up with small feet in the mouth and the other ends up receiving a series of headbutts throughout the night.

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