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Dogs have bonded; Rain ride while sick; AtLarge 20% off–ONE DAY SALE.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 by  
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I think Sonny and Buckley read yesterday’s blog. Last night, for no apparent reason whatsoever, Buckley elected to sleep in his crate instead of the bed. Feeling bad for him, I coaxed him out of the crate and onto our bed. He seemed delighted, but then jumped down after a few seconds and returned to his cave.

Added to that, Sonny decided to press up against Lisa on her side of the bed! I was in shock, but I stretched out on the bed and smiled. I felt gluttonous as I drifted off into a very comfortable sleep. 🙂

Buckley’s only been with us for just a little over one week, but he and Sonny are really bonding. Yesterday they played all morning long, and eventually Sonny came into my office for a nap. It was a gloomy morning, and a steady rain was tapping a calming rhythm on the roof. Sonny collapsed into the dog bed I have next to my desk, curled up into a furball and began to lightly snore almost immediately.

A couple minutes later, Buckley walked in to my office and saw Sonny sleeping comfortably. Buckley carefully positioned himself next to Sonny, slowly lowered his body to the bed and then used his legs to press himself into Sonny’s warmth. Sonny briefly opened his eyes, and then closed them while heaving a long, contented sigh. That’s when I took this picture:

Already best friends.

Already best friends.


A little while later, Buckley stretched out and took things into adorable overload by using Sonny’s head as a pillow. Sonny didn’t mind:

My cute meter just exploded.

My cute meter just exploded.


Also in yesterday’s blog, I wrote that I was not feeling well. I decided to keep my ride short (20 miles) and a mid-Zone 2 affair. I wasn’t feeling bad enough to even consider not riding, but it was raining and extremely gusty. Why is it that whenever I’m feeling poorly it always seems to be raining?

I suppose the better question is why do I always insist on riding outside when I’m sick and it’s raining?

Yesterday I was getting ready to roll, and I looked outside and saw that it was raining pretty hard. I said to myself, “Screw this!”, and I decided to ride the trainer. I pulled my bike’s rear wheel and replaced it with my trainer wheel. I mounted the bike on my fluid trainer, fired up my fan, launched Zwift and stared at the screen…

“I don’t want to ride the trainer”, was the only thing running through my mind.

Before I even knew what I was doing, I unmounted the bike from my trainer, put my road wheel back on and was out peddling (and coughing) in the pouring rain, and fighting the gusty crosswinds.

About 10 miles into the ride I was seriously regretting my choice, and feeling pretty stupid.

Why didn't I just ride the trainer?

Why didn’t I just ride the trainer?


When I returned home I didn’t have the time (or, to be honest, the inclination) to do a proper post-rain ride maintenance, so I merely dried the bike off and cleaned the chain. Feeling guilty, last night after work I went out into the shop and did the full teardown and maintenance routine.

This morning I’m feeling a little worse than I was feeling yesterday. Oh well, at least it’s not raining. I’m going to take it easy again today. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be feeling better.

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3 Responses to “Dogs have bonded; Rain ride while sick; AtLarge 20% off–ONE DAY SALE.”
  1. Does you training wheel have the same cassette as your road wheel? I have been thinking about a few of these questions as indoor training will start up again here in the northern states.

    Do cyclist just use their original wheel (after upgrading you wheelset) as a trainer wheel and put on another cassette? Or do you go out and buy a trainer wheel? I have heard about trainer tires that last longer than using your road tires on the trainer. Thanks!

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    • Yeah, my dedicated trainer wheel has the exact same cassette as my road wheel (Shimano Ultegra 11-28, 10 spd). I also have a dedicated trainer tire, which you’ll definitely want because indoor trainers will burn through road tires very quickly.

      I sold the wheels that came on my main road bike when I upgraded to Zipps, but I purchased a very inexpensive set of wheels. I use them as backups, and the rear wheel for indoor trainer riding. I have a listing of all the equipment I use on my Bike Torture Chamber v2.0 page.

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