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Jaybird replacement earbuds to arrive Monday with unexpected upgrade

In my October 16th blog, “Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth earbuds: Follow-up review“, I wrote about some of the quality issues I’ve been experiencing with the otherwise stellar Jaybird Freedom Sprint earbuds. You can check out that blog if you want the full story, but the tl;dr version is the Freedom Sprints–despite being marketed as “sweat-proof”–are, in my experience (I’ve gone through three pair in less than 2 months), lacking in that department. In my October… [Read more]

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New TT bike! Madone is no longer for sale. ???

These past few months I’ve been working on preparing my body, mind and equipment for the upcoming race season, which starts at the end of January. Physically I feel like I’m in a good place. I’m at race weight, and I’m feeling pretty strong on the bike. My training has been going well, and over the next few months I’ll be even more focused on improving my sustainable power. I am going to do a… [Read more]

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My new maintenance plan

The so-called “maintenance plan” that I employed after my early 2015 cut was a disaster. I analyzed and discussed the mistakes I made in this blog, taking responsibility for them. When I decided to cut again in early September, I changed a few things up. My fall cut was just as successful as my early 2015 cut, but when I completed it I didn’t feel deprived, weak or starved. The tweaks I made to my… [Read more]

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Power output PR dry spell is over

I’ve been going through a bit of a plateau with regards to power output personal records. Up until a few months ago I was setting at least one power output PR every month, and almost always several of them. This is what the past 5 months have looked like: Power Output Personal Records May 2015: 1 June 2015: 0 July 2015: 1 August 2015: 0 September 2015: 0 The power output PR in July was… [Read more]

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November goal: 100 miles in less than 4 hours

This past Sunday at the 2015 Horse Farm Hundred (here’s my ride report) I set a new 100 mile Personal Record for time: 4h14m16s (23.6 MPH average speed). While I’m happy with the accomplishment, my goal is to demolish that time in November. It’s been in the back of my mind for a while now, and it’s time to make it happen: I want to complete a 100 mile ride in less than 4 hours… [Read more]

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Ride report: 2015 Horse Farm Hundred (w/ photos) Late in the ride, coming out of a corner. There were no lazy corners in this ride: we came out of every one of them hammering. That's the pace car up ahead.

At the end of my 2014 Horse Farm Hundred ride report, I wrote, “There‚Äôs no question the HFH will be on my ride calendar next year!” The date was not only on my ride calendar, it was in bold red. Yesterday I made the two hour drive north to Gainesville, Florida, champing at the bit (sorry, couldn’t resist!) for another fast ride through some of the most scenic horse farms in the state. This year… [Read more]

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Quick blog, need to hit the road: Horse Farm Hundred today!

If you’re looking for my weekly stats, they will return next Sunday. I completed my fall cut this past Thursday, and I will establish my baseline maintenance stats next Sunday. — It’s funny that a 100 mile bike ride is just another awesome morning in the saddle, yet the 100 mile car ride I’ll have to endure to get to get to today’s ride sounds really far. I’m not looking forward to this morning’s trek… [Read more]

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Status check: the two stouts? The same two stouts that have been sitting in my refrigerator for the entirety of my cut are still there. Somehow, though, they seem to have given birth to a 12 pack of Fat Tire.

A couple people have asked me, now that my cut is over, if those two stouts that have been tempting me for the past seven weeks have been properly dispatched. The answer is “not yet”, but I assure you that they are not long for this world. I offer photographic proof (this photo was taken a few moments ago) that I did not give in to temptation while I was cutting!   As much as… [Read more]

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Garmin Edge: Annoying and undocumented limitation discovered Garmin Edge 810 mounted on my 2013 Madone 5.9

I’ve been using my Garmin Edge 810 cycling computer every single day (quite literally) for nearly two years now. While not perfect, overall I am extremely satisfied with the Edge 810–so much so that the newer Garmin Edge 1000 offered no truly compelling reasons for me to consider upgrading. This is especially true now that the latest 810 firmwares (version 4.20 and higher) adds support for Live Segments (I’ve been experimenting with Live Segments for… [Read more]

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Late 2015 cut: complete! Final stats and analysis. Late 2015 cut: goal reached.

Yesterday morning I reached my current cutting goal of 163.x pounds, with a scale weight of 163.8 pounds. Because my weight was at the high end of 163.x pounds, I decided to continue. Besides, my plan was to go ahead and continue the cut this entire week. Well, this morning I woke up down a further 1.4 pounds, putting my current weight at 162.4 pounds–well below my goal weight:   My body fat calipers indicated… [Read more]

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