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Beautiful fall weather over the weekend; Solid solo training rides.

Monday, October 5, 2015 by  
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Central Florida was treated to an unseasonably pleasant and cool weekend, and I took full advantage! Morning temperatures were in the low 60s, and remained in the 60s for the entirety of my Saturday and Sunday rides. I believe that these temperatures are about 7° (F) lower than usual for early October.

Lone Wolf weekend

Lone Wolf weekend

I love riding in groups, but sometimes when I’m in the mood for a hard training ride I prefer to roll solo. No socializing, no distractions, no help–just me, my bike, the open road and a long non-stop pull. The cool weather this weekend definitely put me in the mood to train, and on both mornings I decided to lone wolf it.

On Saturday I did a 42 mile ride with a little over 1,300 feet of elevation. My Normalized Power (NP) was 255 for that ride (2h0m ride time), which is about what I was looking for. My Training Stress Score (TSS) for that ride was 138.7 (according to Garmin Connect and Training Peaks), which is right on the edge of a 24-hour recovery window for me, but I knew I’d be okay by Sunday morning.

Sure enough, I woke up on Sunday feeling great. The cool air that greeted me when I let the dogs out doubled my enthusiasm, and I decided that I was going to go a little longer and a little harder than I’d gone on Saturday. I rode 52 miles with around 1,800 feet of vertical. My NP was 255 watts (2h26m ride time), and my TSS was 190.5.

The thing about Sunday’s ride is I walked out of the house without any nutrition (gels, bars, sports drink) or money. All I had was two bottles of water. I guess I was so happy about the coolest weather we’ve had in more than five months that I was a little absent-minded in my rush to start the ride. 🙂

I was about 10 miles into my ride before I realized my mistake, and I decided to keep rolling. Because it was fairly cool out, normally the lack of gels would have not been a big deal, but I’ve been in a caloric deficit for more than 4 weeks. I was concerned that I might bonk, but as it turned out I was just fine and had a really solid ride.

In addition to those two rides, I also did a pretty hard ride on Friday with my friend Sebastian. I’m definitely ready for a nice easy recovery this morning.

I hope all of of you had a good weekend, too! Thanks for dropping by this morning. Oh, one last thing. Tomorrow I’m going to have a new product review. If you ride and own a Garmin, you’ll want to tune in.

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