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Almost to goal weight; In market for new cycling shoes.

Thursday, October 15, 2015 by  
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I’m not sure if my cut will be ending this weekend or not–it’s going to be close. My scale weight this morning was 165.4 pounds (a new low for this cut), which means I’m 1.6 pounds away from my goal weight of 163.x pounds. I may be somewhere in the 163s by Sunday, but I doubt it. Especially because this is my birthday weekend coming up, and I’ll definitely be having a full-blown cheat meal.

So, I am inclined to continue the cut for one more week, regardless of what the scale says on Sunday. In fact, I just decided: I am going to cut for one more week. I’d rather be in the low 163s or even the 162s when I call it a day.

Of course my birthday presents will all be cycling-related: a Time Trial helmet, and a much-needed new pair of kicks. I’ll post more about the TT helmet, which I already have (I found an insane deal that I had to act on) possibly tomorrow.

I’m still undecided about the shoes. I’ve been using SIDI Genius 5 shoes for the past couple of years, and I have about 25,000 miles on them. They are pretty good shoes, but SIDIs run narrow, and I have wide feet (2E). On long and/or hot rides, it often feels like my big toes are on fire. It’s quite painful. I need to find a shoe that fits me better. I’ve also had problems with the ratchet adjustment rusting and sticking, and have had to replace that part on both shoes a few times. Another shortcoming is that the Velcro straps don’t stick all that well anymore. I want to get away from Velcro closure systems.

I’ve been looking at the Diadora Vortex Pro shoes. My friend Hector picked up a pair of these a few months ago, and he really likes them. They are super light, and I think they look awesome. I dig the boa closure system, too. I’m torn between the Black/Fluorescent/White and the White/Red. I’d normally be all over the White/Red, but for some reason the Fluorescent scheme is appealing to me a lot–I like how visible they are (click to enlarge):

Diadora Vortex Pro. I like both of these color schemes, but I'm leaning towards the fluorescent.

Diadora Vortex Pro. I like both of these color schemes, but I’m leaning towards the fluorescent.


Another shoe that I’ve been looking at is the Lake CX237. This shoe comes in a “wide” version and, like the Vortex Pro, has a boa closure system (click to enlarge):

The Lake CX237.

The Lake CX237.


For reference, I wear a 10.5 US (about 44 or 45 Euro), 2E width.

Feel free to chime in if you have any thoughts/experience with either of these shoes, or others of similar pedigree.

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