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I’m impressed with the Schwalbe Durano S tire so far

Saturday, November 7, 2015 by  
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The tires that came stock on my Scott Plasma Time Trial bike are the Schwalbe Durano S. In general I’ve had very good luck with Schwalbe tires (in fact, Schwalbe’s Rocket Ron tire is my all-time favorite mountain bike tire), and so I thought I’d give the Duranos a try.

Schwalbe Durano S, folding

Schwalbe Durano S, folding

The Durano S is a moderately light (225g), dual compound folding bead tire that Schwalbe rates as “Outstanding” for Durability and Grip, and “Very Good” for Speed and Protection.

I removed my Continental Gatorskin Hardshell training tires, and mounted the Duranos. I did about 45 miles (on my road bike) yesterday, and I was pretty shocked at the difference between the Durano and the Gatorskin.

I’ve been rolling on the Gatorskin tires for so long I suppose I’d become acclimated to their extremely harsh ride. By comparison, the Durano was much smoother in ride quality, and they corner significantly better than the Gatorskins. The difference, especially ride smoothness, was night and day.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the Durano’s puncture resistance is up to the job. Some of the roads I ride on a regular basis are infamous for causing flats, so if I start flatting on the Durano they won’t work–at least as a training tire. Even the mighty Gatorskin Hardshell tire has succumbed to the mean streets of Apopka, so I’ll find out pretty quickly if the Durano is battle-worthy.

As far as ride quality and handling go, the Durano is a win. I’m also saving 70g in rotational weight over the Gatorskins, so that’s another plus. If these tires are as tough as Schwalbe claims, I may have found a new training tire.

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5 Responses to “I’m impressed with the Schwalbe Durano S tire so far”
  1. Schwalbe makes great tires. The Duranos will last a lot of miles, and they can handle quite a bit of abuse, but you might puncture about as much as with the Gatorskins. On the other hand, Schwalbe Marathon Racers are not much slower than Duranos, and are utterly indestructable by any means known to humanity.

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