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Very hot century ride yesterday; Horrible Hundred this Sunday.

Monday, November 9, 2015 by  
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Must not whine about the heat.

Okay. I want to, but I won’t. I’ll simply mention that yesterday’s century–which was not especially fast–felt much harder than it should have because it was so hot and windy. My Garmin recorded a high of 93° F, the average for the final fifty miles of the 100 mile ride was 86°, and the average for the final 20 miles was 89°. Even the first fifty miles felt hotter than it actually was because it was so humid.

I could not hydrate enough. My morning (fasted weight) was 161.2 pounds. Of course I pre-hydrated, ate breakfast and drank some coffee before rolling, so I probably started the ride around 162.x pounds.

During the ride I consumed the following:

– Somewhere between 50 and 75 ounces of water
– 100+ ounces of Gatorade
– (1) Clif bar
– (2) GU energy gels
– (2) Salt Stick capsules

I never ran low on fluids (we stopped twice to get water and Gatorade), and I was able to drink as much as I wanted during the ride. When I got home I weighed myself and was shocked: 155.2 pounds! That’s at least six pounds of water loss, and probably more like seven pounds. A gallon of water weighs a little over 8 pounds, so that’s some seriously heavy sweatin’.

After the ride I drank about a gallon of water, consumed a double protein shake and ate 2 cups (cooked) of oatmeal. Last night I had my weekly cheat meal: a pizza (yeah, an ENTIRE pizza), a few bread sticks and four Fat Tire ales. Despite all that, my scale weight this morning was still down–158.8 pounds.

This is November heatwave is horseshit.

I just whined about the heat, didn’t I?

Apart from the less-than-ideal weather, it really was an enjoyable morning in the saddle with great company. We were just a small group, five of us in total, and the route was pretty damned spectacular. I’d ridden most of the roads we took, many of which are some of my favorite places to ride, but Thomas (who created the route) introduced us to some awesome new areas that we’d never seen before. Great route, Thomas–thanks!

5-man century on a hot, but otherwise beautiful, morning. This is beautiful East Crooked Lake, which is located in Eustis, Florida.

5-man century on a hot, but otherwise beautiful, morning. This is beautiful East Crooked Lake, which is located in Eustis, Florida.


Hector and I rolled from home together, and we joined the group about 14 miles into our rides. We rode with the three others (Adam, Ed and Thomas) until mile 77, and then Hector and I split off for the final 23 miles back home. That final 23 miles, with just the two of us trading pulls, was really hot and windy. We did get a little lucky with respect to the wind. We were expecting a full-on strong headwind, but it was more of a crossing headwind. Sure, a tail would have been nice at that point, but we felt fortunate to even have a cross.

The Horrible Hundred is coming up this Sunday. I feel like I’m in very good form right now, and if it will just cool down a little bit I think I’ll be able to deliver an extremely solid performance this year. I’m really looking forward to this ride.

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