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Another positive Garmin Customer Service story

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 by  
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I own a number of Garmin products–everything from a couple of car GPS units (which I’d quite literally be lost without), to their Virb action camera and, of course, a few cycling computers (the Edge 810 and the Edge 500).

These products have seen thousands of hours of use over the years. For the most part everything functions as intended, but there have been occasional issues. For example, I’ve had a couple of heart rate monitor straps flake out, and the mounting tabs on my cycling computers have broken off a couple of times.

Every time I’ve contacted Garmin support with an issue, they have gone above and beyond my expectations. Every. Single. Time.

Whenever I’ve experienced problems with my heart rate monitor straps, Garmin has sent me brand new straps at no charge (they’ve done this twice now). In both cases Garmin replaced the straps despite the fact that each was outside of its warranty period.

Many years ago the the tabs on my Garmin 500 sheered off in a mounting biking wreck. Because I wrecked, the issue was clearly caused by me (well, I do believe that the mounting tabs should be beefier/metal, but that’s a whole other story). The point is, Garmin replaced the unit at no charge. They did this with no questions asked about how the tabs broke, and they did this even though my unit was out of warranty.

I recently had cause to contact Garmin Customer Service and, once again, came away impressed…

My Garmin Edge 810 has seen nearly two years of daily use–somewhere around 1,200 hours. Save the occasional lock up, the unit has performed flawlessly and I’m very pleased with it. Recently, though, I noticed that the small rubber flaps that seal the micro SD card slot and USB port would no longer stay put. A seemingly minor issue–at least until you get caught out in the rain. That rubber seal is what prevents water from getting into the computer.

This is the worn out rubber seal after removing it from my Garmin Edge 810.

This is the worn out rubber seal after removing it from my Garmin Edge 810.


There are two small screws that fasten the flap to the Edge 810, so I figured I’d find the part on Amazon or whatever. Unfortunately I was unable to locate the part, so I gave Garmin a call and asked if I could order one through them. The Customer Service rep looked up the part, and said “No problem, it’s two dollars.”

I was happy that the part was so inexpensive, but then the customer service rep said, “We charge a flat shipping fee of eight dollars.”

“Come on, man!”, I laughed. “You’re going to charge me eight bucks to ship a tiny scrap of rubber? Throw that sucker a in little padded envelope and slap a stamp on it!”

The rep said, “Yeah, that’s crazy. Do you mind holding a few minutes?”

When the rep came back he said, “We’re going to get that out to you at no charge.”

As in no charge for the shipping and no charge for the part.

That’s pretty damn awesome service, but it seems to be the norm for Garmin. I really like how Garmin treats their customers. I also appreciate that I always speak to a real human being without much of a wait, and that their Customer Service reps are US-based.

Unavailable for comment.

Unavailable for comment.

So yesterday a box large enough to ship a human head arrived on my doorstep. I glanced at the return address, and had a good laugh when I saw it was from Garmin.

I opened the box, and was greeted by the comical sight of about a dozen packing pillows carefully protecting a tiny flap of rubber. I almost couldn’t find the goddamn thing amidst all the packing materials.

Garmin, your Customer Service rocks, but your shipping policies could use a little tweaking. 🙂

Anyway, I swapped the rubber gasket out and the replacement fits like new.

Good as new!

Good as new!


Garmin, thanks once again for providing such great Customer Service. It’s noticed, and appreciated.

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