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It’s been a hot, but fun, century season so far!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 by  
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Century season is in full swing here in Central Florida! The record-breaking heat we’ve been experiencing has added an additional challenge to this year’s century season, but I’m still having a blast doing a bunch of long rides with my friends.

img_century-bike-rideOver the past six weekends I’ve done a total of five century rides. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate: the Sugar 8 Challenge was just 86 miles, but it sure felt like a century (it was very hot, windy and hilly). In fact, I’d go so far as to say the Sugar 8 ride was the toughest of the bunch.

Here’s a list of the rides I’ve done this century season, with links to their respective ride reports and photos:

October 10: MDBF Century (A mechanical forced me to ride in one gear most of the way)
October 25: Horse Farm Hundred (23.6 MPH average–my fastest century to date)
November 1: Sugar 8 Challenge (Hot, windy and hilly)
November 8: 100 miles with a small group (Super hot, but fun and scenic)
November 15: Horrible Hundred (Another tough, but fun, H100. New 4.5 hour power PR)

This weekend I don’t have any centuries on the ride calendar, but there are still a couple more to come…

The JHOP 100 is on November 28th. I’ve never done this one before, and I’m really looking forward to it. This is an extremely fast ride, and I’ll be making an attempt at completing my first century in under 4 hours (25+ MPH average).

Then, on December 12th, I’m probably going to do the Hilly Hundred in Brooksville. This is an unsupported/free ride, and it’s supposed to be hilly and scenic. This should be another great ride.

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