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It’s oatmeal appreciation day!

Saturday, November 21, 2015 by  
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Well, I don’t know if there is actually an oatmeal appreciation day, but there should be. November 21st is as good a day as any.

Lisa and I made another big Costco run a few weeks ago–October 31st, to be precise. We purchased all the usual stuff: chicken breasts, salmon, shrimp, tilapia, tuna, various household items, spices and so on…

Oh, and oatmeal. Lots and lots of oatmeal:

60 pounds of oatmeal. Overkill? No way.

60 pounds of oatmeal. Overkill? No way.


60 pounds of oats may seem like a lot, but we eat so much oatmeal that it’s really not excessive. I eat, at minimum, 2 cups (dry measurement) per day, and sometimes as much as 3.5 cups. Lisa also has oatmeal most mornings, so we go through this stuff pretty quickly. We’ve already polished off one of those big boxes, and are into the second one now. I believe 60 pounds will last us somewhere between 3 and 4 months. I usually do 3-4 big Costco trips per year (I prefer to buy in bulk), so this amount is right on.

Over the years I’ve tried lots of different breakfast foods, and for me nothing beats oatmeal as a pre-ride carb source. I eat one cup (before cooking) each morning, and that gets me 300 calories, 54 carbs (8g fiber) and 10g protein. Oatmeal is a super healthy meal, and the complex carbs are perfect for fueling long, hard rides.

I eat another bowl of oatmeal (again, 1 cup before cooking) every single afternoon. About the time most people are falling asleep at their desks, I’m still feeling energetic and having a productive afternoon.

I’ll often toss a 1/2 cup of raw oats into my protein smoothie, which I usually consume immediately after riding or lifting.

I used to sweeten my oats with Stevia, but I’ve moved away from that. I now use a tablespoon or so of organic maple syrup (I get it from Costco, it’s great stuff), a whole lot of cinnamon (again, Costco) and a little pure cane sugar. Raw fruit is another great sweetener, and nuts are also an excellent addition.

I just woofed down this morning’s bowl, and could seriously eat another one. But right now it’s time to ride, so I’d better get moving. Have a great Saturday, and be sure to eat your oats!

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12 Responses to “It’s oatmeal appreciation day!”
  1. Do you cook in the microwave or on the stove? Just wondering what you’re process is. I eat a cup every morning too. I eyeball the water and cook for about 90sec, I stop it before the bowl overflows. Then I put raisens and cinnamon and stir it up.

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  2. I see you’re eating the old fashioned, or whole rolled, variety which is certainly healthier than the quick oats. Have you tried steel cut oats? They are supposed be the same nutrition wise but have a very different texture when cooked. Wondering your opinion…

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    • I have tried steel cut. I don’t enjoy them as much as whole rolled, and they take too long to cook.

      I should have mentioned this in the blog (I’ve had a few questions on Twitter/Facebook). I prepare my oats in the microwave with water:

      1 cup dry oats, 1-3/4 cups water. Nuke 2.5 minutes, stir, 1 more minute in microwave and ready to eat.

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      • At the suggestion of a friend, I just tried oatmeal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of water. I actually used unsweetened vanilla almond/cashew milk. It was a HUGE win!!! 1 cup of the unsweetened vanilla almond milk only adds 25 calories. Use less of it than water, I used 1.5 cups for 1 cup dry oatmeal and it was a pretty good consistency for me, if maybe a little on the thin side. I also added 28g of organic maple syrup and 12g of cane sugar, as well as cinnamon.

        Again, for the win!!! Give it a go. 😉

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