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Happy New Year! My resolutions for 2016. Happy New Year!

I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Please have fun, and be safe celebrating tonight. 2015 has been another amazing year, and I’m going to work hard to make 2016 even better. My life will see some big changes in 2016–both personally and professionally–and I have to admit that some of those shifts are going to be very difficult, even scary. Life-altering changes can certainly be unnerving, but at the same time… [Read more]

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Breakthrough training ride during my vacation Right after finishing a tough training ride. It's amazing how much dust and dirt is picked up, even on a paved surfaces.

One of the things I decided to do during my vacation was spend a lot of time riding my new time trial bike, the Scott Plasma. Time trial bikes handle and feel very different than road bikes; so, with race season just around the corner, I wanted to ensure that I was thoroughly confident and comfortable on the Plasma in all sorts of riding conditions. I rode my Plasma almost exclusively during my two week… [Read more]

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Relaxed diet through this week; New yearly millage PR will be set today Oh, okay... maybe just one more.

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I always feel a strong desire–in fact, I’d call it a compulsion–to relax my diet. I suspect that, in large part, it’s because for the past thirteen years I’ve almost always used the last half of December to chill out and prepare for my January cut. At this point it almost feels ingrained. Of course I’m not cutting this year, but I’ve been… [Read more]

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Post-vacation report: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Still unavailable for comment.

Hello! I’m back from my 2 week holiday, and feeling pretty good. I had a lot of fun, ate some great food, relaxed, got some awesome rides in and enjoyed time with friends and family. Before I go any further, let’s get this out of the way: “Unlike most of my previous vacations, when I return from this one a “Good, Bad and Ugly” report will NOT be required.” ~ John Stone, December 11, 2015… [Read more]

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On vacation!

Finally. If I recall correctly, the last time I took any real time off was all the way back in March. Unlike most of my previous vacations, when I return from this one a “Good, Bad and Ugly” report will NOT be required. I’m going to keep my diet pretty tight over the next couple of weeks, and am determined to not allow the holiday temptations to derail my maintenance program. If you’ve found my… [Read more]

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Lisa’s picked up a cold, now I have it; Cold remedies. Lisa swears by this stuff. I remain unconvinced.

Lisa’s job puts her face-to-face with the public all day long. A lot of people are sick right now, but that’s not keeping them home. I’ve lost track of how many times Lisa’s told me that someone will come in, give her a big hug and then say, “Oh, I shouldn’t have hugged you! I’m so sick!” She goes through a hell of a lot of hand sanitizer this time of year. ‘Tis the season,… [Read more]

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Want to get ripped? Well-defined abs are achieved by lowering your body fat. My body fat is about 6% in this photo, and my abs are showing nicely.

Even though I won’t require a cut this winter, I know many of you will be starting fat loss diets in early January. I believe the planning phase of a cut is absolutely critical to success, so I wanted to get some information posted now (I’ll be starting a two week vacation on Friday). First, here is my series of articles detailing how I prepare for a cut. As I mentioned above, the planning phase… [Read more]

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Closing out Century Season with the “Hilly Hundred” this weekend. Hilly hundred course is marked, but it's an unsupported/free ride.

Even though I do plenty of 100 mile rides throughout the entire year, the beautiful weather we typical enjoy here in Central Florida from October through December inspires a fair number of organized centuries. We call this “Century Season”, and it’s been one hell of a fun ride thus far. This weekend is the last of the organized centuries I have planned for this season: The Hilly Hundred ride in Brooksville, Florida. This is the… [Read more]

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I spent some quality time with the Plasma this weekend! My new Scott Plasma saw a lot of action this month. I am loving this bike!

Over the past month or so I’ve been working on getting my new time trial bike, the Scott Plasma, properly fitted, adjusted and dialed in. I recently slammed the Plasma’s stem, and that made a world of difference. After slamming the stem, I did a couple of small test rides, and was really happy with how the Plasma rode, handled and shifted. I felt like she was ready, but I wouldn’t know for sure until… [Read more]

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Late 2015 maintenance progress report: Week #5 EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #5 of my late 2015 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. METHODOLOGY: A few words about my body fat test, scale weight and soft tape measurements My body fat, tape measurements and scale weight are all performed while fasted (first thing in the morning before eating or drinking). All measurements are taken “cold” (no pump), and flexed. A 7-point or 9-point body fat caliper pinch test is the… [Read more]

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