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Ate above maintenance this week; Wind & rain for this morning’s ride?

Saturday, December 5, 2015 by  
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That cold I was dealing with last weekend on the JHOP 100 ride sort of hung around most of this week. Thankfully it never got worse, but it definitely affected me. I noticed increased appetite all week long, and was especially craving carbs. I keep my diet clean (well, mostly), but ate a little above maintenance all week long.

My scale weight this morning is up a little from last weekend’s weight, but still within my target maintenance range of 160-165 pounds. Hopefully by Monday I’ll be feeling 100%, and can trim back the calories a bit. I’ll be much more comfortable heading into the Christmas holiday on the low side of my maintenance range. Lisa is planning to do a lot of baking, as she always does at this time of year, and I’m going want a little caloric cushion. 🙂

wind rainThis morning I’m feeling pretty good, and am planning a long solo training ride. Even at this early hour (5:30 am), the wind is already really kicking. There’s also a very good chance of rain this morning, so this might be a fairly uncomfortable training ride. That’s okay, I need the miles.

I’ll be doing this training ride on my time trial bike. I still have not replaced my time trial bike’s stock saddle, and I’ll probably regret that by the end of today’s ride. I suppose I could move my Specialized Power Pro over from my road bike, but I don’t feel like bothering with that because it will take some time to dial in the fit.

Time to eat and hit the road. Have a great Saturday!

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