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Post-vacation report: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Monday, December 28, 2015 by  
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Hello! I’m back from my 2 week holiday, and feeling pretty good. I had a lot of fun, ate some great food, relaxed, got some awesome rides in and enjoyed time with friends and family.

Before I go any further, let’s get this out of the way:

Unlike most of my previous vacations, when I return from this one a “Good, Bad and Ugly” report will NOT be required.” ~ John Stone, December 11, 2015

It looks like I’m going to have to eat a little crow this morning. Hey, might as well–I ate pretty much everything else in sight over the past two weeks. 🙂 Actually it wasn’t that bad, at least not compared to some previous vacations, but I definitely indulged. So, despite my naive prediction, I am going to proceed with my usual post-vacation “Good, Bad and Ugly” report.

Still unavailable for comment.

Still unavailable for comment.

The Good.
Training. Training was good. I trained hard over the past couple of weeks, and had some excellent rides. In fact, one ride in particular I would label a “breakthrough” training ride (I’ll probably talk in more detail about that ride in a blog later this week).

I logged almost 600 miles in the saddle over the past couple of weeks, and set six new lifetime best power personal records. My riding streak is alive at 727 days. Only 4 more rides stand between me and two straight years of daily rides. I’m just shy of 12,500 miles for the year, and by the end of the year I will have exceeded last year’s millage total (12,518.30) for a new yearly distance PR. I’m feeling pretty good about that, as it’s not been easy.

The Bad.
As always, my diet. End of the year, on vacation, gatherings… the perfect storm. I indulged, and I did so knowing that I would have to work those excesses off. I think I only had two full splurge meals (including Christmas dinner), but I had lots of snacks and libations: cookies, cheesecake, movie theater popcorn (several times), cocktail meatballs, cheese, crackers, wine, beer, eggnog…

The Ugly.
Scale weight. Looks like the damage is right around five pounds. Now some of that is probably water, and will be gone in a few days, but I definitely picked up a quarter inch or so around my waist, hips and quads. My maintenance target range is 160-165 pounds, and I am a little over that right now. I’ll be eating clean all week long, so we’ll see how things look this Sunday when I do my weekly stats update. I really want to be back around 162 pounds, so I’m probably looking at a couple of weeks eating under maintenance. That’s fine, at least I am not going to have to do a full blown cut this year.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! If you’re planning to start a fat loss program in 2016, I hope you’re well along in the planning process. If not, don’t wait another day! You can check out some of my resources and articles here.

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6 Responses to “Post-vacation report: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
    • Hah, well, I’m pretty happy with how my training went, but dude… it’s amazing how much 5-6 pounds shows on me at this weight. Face looks noticeably puffy, vascularity is diminished and kits are fitting tighter. Still, 5 or 6 pounds is no big deal. It was worth it. 🙂

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  1. To funny – The whole eating crow thing – I ate a few of them myself. But how awesome it is that you don’t have to spend the next 8 weeks cutting? Nice work this fall. I’ll have some work to do also. I’ll chip away at it this week then of course it will be a food filled weekend so will probably be a week or to after that to comfortably be back in my range.

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