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Relaxed diet through this week; New yearly millage PR will be set today

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 by  
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I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I always feel a strong desire–in fact, I’d call it a compulsion–to relax my diet. I suspect that, in large part, it’s because for the past thirteen years I’ve almost always used the last half of December to chill out and prepare for my January cut. At this point it almost feels ingrained.

Oh, okay... maybe just one more.

Oh, okay… maybe just one more.

Of course I’m not cutting this year, but I’ve been so strict with my diet and training that I have to admit I’m really enjoying the short break. Well, the break from strict dieting–race season is just around the corner, and I’ve not backed off on my training at all.

I’ve got plans for New Year’s eve, New Year’s day and the upcoming weekend, and there will be alcohol and junk food involved. I’ve decided to give myself this week to continue with a relaxed diet. That’s not to say most of my meals won’t be healthy–they will–but I don’t want to feel any pressure to be strict as I ring in the New Year all weekend long.

On Monday I’m going to really tighten things up, and will eat a little under maintenance for a couple of weeks. I think two weeks under maintenance will allow me to drop the 5 pounds or so I put on over the holidays without affecting my performance on the bike.

On another note, on this morning’s ride I will exceed last year’s cycling distance total of 12,518.30 miles (20,146 kilometers), which was a lifetime best. I didn’t set out to break last year’s distance record, it just sort of worked out that way. I’m actually pretty surprised how close the two totals are, as I made no special effort along those lines. I should wind up with a little over 12,600 miles for 2015. I’ll be posting my usual monthly wrap-up on January 1st, and a 2015 cycling year in review on January 2nd.

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