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I’m working on some changes to the web site…

Working on fleshing out the Cycling section of JSF, among other things.

Yesterday evening I began working on a few changes to JSF. Nothing major, but hopefully these modifications will make things a little more intuitive, and it will be easier to find what it is you’re looking for.

What I’m currently focusing on is the Articles and Cycling sections JSF (both are found in the main menu bar).

The Articles page has grown fairly lengthy over the years. The long list of articles, sorted by section and sub-sorted by date, isn’t very user friendly.

The Cycling section of the site only contained a link to my power data, and has not been properly fleshed out.

The first thing I did was remove all of the Cycling related content from the Articles section, and created a new Cycling Articles page (this link can be found as a sub-menu under the Cycling menu choice on the main navbar).

The next thing I did was figure out what stuff in the Cycling articles section would make better sense as a Cycling menu sub-section instead of stand-alone articles. Things like My Bikes, My Power Data and my Bike Torture Chamber were obvious choices, and have been completed.

Working on fleshing out the Cycling section of JSF, among other things.

Working on fleshing out the Cycling section of JSF, among other things.


I’m also planning to create a new bike maintenance section, which will include my home bike shop along with plenty of bike maintenance articles and how-tos. Even though my tools/parts list is 100% up-to-date, the photographs and video are very dated. I’m planning to take all new pictures and maybe shoot another video very soon. I want this section of the site to be a lot more robust.

Other cycling-related sections I’ll be removing from the cycling article page and creating all new sub-sections for include my ride reports, my “month in review” cycling reports and my “year in review” cycling reports. I think sections for cycling training and nutrition will also be added.

I’m also planning to better organize the existing fitness/transformation/fat loss/bulking Articles, and make things look a little nicer than just a static list of text. It’s already much cleaner than it was now that I’ve moved all the cycling-related stuff to its own section, but it can be better.

Once all these changes are made, I’ll be working on a brand new mobile-friendly version of JSF. The existing mobile version of JSF isn’t bad for reading the latest blogs, but the menu system is pretty crappy. The whole thing will be scrapped and re-done.

These are just some of the things I’ve been working on. If you have any suggestions or comments, now’s the time to speak up.