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More changes to the web site completed

Saturday, January 9, 2016 by  
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Last night I made some more progress on the changes to the JSF web site that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. The Cycling Articles section was further reduced in size as I moved sections of content to their own pages. These new sections can easily be found with direct sub-menu selections from the “Cycling” menu choice in the main navbar.

Along with Cycling Articles, My Bikes, Power Output and Bike Torture Chamber, I’ve now added all new sections for Ride Reports, Month In Review Reports and Year In Review Reports:

I'm continuing to flesh out the Cycling section of JSF.

I’m continuing to flesh out the Cycling section of JSF.


I think I will roll the Strava articles into the Cycling Training section, and that’s probably what I’ll work on next. I’ll also add a section for Cycling Nutrition.

The biggest new addition will be the Bike Maintenance section. I want to do an entirely new photo shoot of my shop, and completely redesign the page. A lot has changed since I last updated the photos, and the video is even more out of date. My plan is to have lots of “How-to” articles and videos, as well as information on how to start building your own home bike workshop.

Looking at the above screenshot brings to mind another change I’d like to make. That giant sliding “Featured Content” image is something that I’ve barely touched since the current design of the site was launched several years ago. I’d like to start using that to bring focus to some of the newest content that will be added to the non-blog sections of JSF.

Once the main site is tightened up, I plan to address the forums. We’ll be moving to a completely different forum software, with many more features and a much more modern design. Quite a bit of work has already been done, especially by JSF member/database god “Hatter”, who selflessly donated a lot of his time and expertise to that effort.

Again, if you have any suggestions (design, content–whatever), please feel free to let me know!

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