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Excellent pair of weekend training rides; Had that splurge…

Monday, January 11, 2016 by  
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I did a hard 65.3 mile solo training ride on Saturday out in hilly Clermont (2,314′ elevation // 239 NP // 21.9 MPH ave speed // 162 BPM ave heart rate // 154 “Extreme” Suffer Score), but I resisted the urge to have my weekly cheat meal that night. Instead I had Asian Salmon, some rice and a big bowl of peas.

On Sunday my legs felt heavy, and they were even a little sore. I didn’t want to do a recovery ride, but my plan was to ride about 40 miles, mostly Zone 2.

As I warmed up my legs were really protesting. I kept things fairly mild for the first 22 miles or so, sticking to Zone 2. Around that time my legs were still burning from Saturday’s ride, but they otherwise felt pretty good, and far less heavy than they did when I rolled out. Also, I was feeling strong and my energy level was excellent. I decided to extend the ride to more than 50 miles, and picked up the pace/effort considerably for the second half–mostly Z3 with some sustained Z4+ efforts. I wound up with 52.2 miles (1,204′ elevation // 239 NP // 22.3 MPH ave speed // 156 BPM ave heart rate // 101 “Tough” Suffer Score). Here’s that ride on Strava.



So, with nearly 120 miles of tough solo weekend training rides under my belt, last night I was craving a pizza and a couple of beers like you would not believe. I caved, and decided to go ahead and have my weekly splurge meal (I said in yesterday’s blog that I was going to skip it this week. I lied.) The pizza was damn good, and I more than burned it off over the weekend, so no regrets.

Today it’s back to my clean diet at a little under maintenance (I’m eating under maintenance for the next few weeks as I get rid of the ~5 pounds I put on over the holidays.)

Recovery ride for me today. My legs are not pleased with me right now.

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