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I’m hoping to do my first TT race on Monday

Friday, January 15, 2016 by  
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The 2016 CFL Cycling Holiday TT series kicks off on Monday, and I’m really hoping that I can make it and do my first TT race.

Monday, of course, is Martin Luther King Day. While MLK day is a National holiday, I do not have the day off from work. I’m trying my best to shuffle things around so that I can take the morning off, but it’s going to be very tough.

There are 20k and 40k TT races, and if I can go I’ll definitely be doing the 40k (25 miles).

This is a sanctioned USA Cycling Event (I obtained my 2016 USA Cycling license last week, so I’m good to go), but unfortunately there are no Categories for this particular race. Because I’ll be racing against any Cat 1/2 guys who show up, I fully expect that I’m going get my ass handed to me. It’s all good–I just want to get in there and start racing.

The course is a public road, and perfect for TT racing: very flat, and very remote. Here’s an image I snagged off Google street view:

Central Florida Cycling 2016 Holiday TT series: Race #1 course.

Central Florida Cycling 2016 Holiday TT series: Race #1 course.


Beautiful, yeah?! I’m stoked, I really hope I can make it out there.

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21 Responses to “I’m hoping to do my first TT race on Monday”
  1. Hopefully you can make it out. Based on the forecast we will feel like kings on the way out with a tail wind and fight it all the way back. Should be fun and I agree with the updated category system, we are going to have some serious competition!

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