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Got caught in a helluva storm yesterday!

Saturday, January 23, 2016 by  
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Despite the forecast for high wind, rain and strong thunderstorms, I was planning to do 45-50 miles yesterday. I was watching the radar closely, and it looked as if I might have about a two-hour window during which I could sneak in a ride.

When I rolled out it was not raining, but the roads were wet and slick. The wind was blowing something fierce, 20+ MPH, with much stronger gusts. Wet roads + high winds (especially with 58mm deep wheels) is not a great combination, but I was careful–especially on roads where I was dealing with crosswinds.

About 20 miles into my ride I was heading west, and I could see that the storm was fast approaching. While I was mulling over changing my route, the sky in front of me lit up with a incredible incredible display of electricity! The thunder that followed a moment later made me jump about a mile high.

Check out this still from my Garmin Virb action camera (which, by the way, can be had for under 100 bucks as of this writing):




Discretion is the better part of valor, so I decided to alter my route. It was too late: a couple minutes later I could see a thick wall of rain down the road, and it was quickly closing in on me. I turned around, but a couple seconds later the rain reached me. The stinging cold drops hit hard as the angry wind swirled all around me. All I could do was pedal and hang on for dear life.

I heard thunder a few more times, but thankfully I didn’t have any close lightning strikes. This is what I rode home in:

Not fun.

Not fun.


As if all that wasn’t enough for one ride, I also flatted.

Next time I think about trying to dodge thunderstorms I’m going to remember this ride and (hopefully) ride the trainer instead.

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