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Back, with a vengeance: growing a new online business

Monday, March 7, 2016 by  
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Greetings, friends!

on air micEven though the past few weeks have often been difficult, they’ve also been exciting. I spent the first week or two figuring out what I want to do next with my career; once I made my choice, I wasted no time getting things moving in the right direction.

Even though I’ve been very busy and putting in long hours, I’ve very much missed writing my daily blog. It’s great to be back. 🙂

I want to again thank everyone who took the time to contact me after my announcement one month ago. Not only was your support a boost to my sagging morale, I also received some incredible ideas, offers and opportunities.

I thought about going out and getting a traditional job, but in my heart I knew that was not what I wanted.

While I’m not quite ready to reveal what I’ll be doing (I will, soon!), what I can tell you is that I’ll be working on getting a few new online business ventures off the ground.

These plans actually involve JSF to a degree. So, JSF is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s going to take on new life (don’t worry–JSF is, and always will be, free of charge!)

I’m still working out the details of what I’m going to do with JSF, but I can tell you that exciting changes are coming. One of the first jobs I’ll be tackling will be replacing the ancient forum software. The new software will be a big change for many of you who are used to the existing platform, but the adjustment will be worth it. I’ll be talking more about this in the coming weeks.

JSF is only one part of the picture, though. I’ve worked out some plans for several new online business ventures, and I’m really excited about these plans. I’ll be sharing these plans openly with everyone. Okay, a little more on what I mean by that…

Many people have told me that JSF was the first time that they saw not just a successful transformation, but exactly how that transformation was accomplished. A bunch of the old school JSF members literally witnessed my transformation day-by-day, as it happened. Most of you thought, “Hey, if he can do it, so can I!” And you did–thousands of you. Part of my new business plan is to do the same thing, only this time I want to grow an online business with that exact sort of transparency. So many hard working and creative people are slaves to the grind. They feel trapped doing jobs they hate, they work for companies that don’t give a shit about them, and they wake up each morning wishing for something better. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When I started my initial transformation back in 2003 there was no guarantee that I would be successful. I put myself out there because I believed in myself, and was willing to work harder than I’ve ever worked before to turn my dreams into a reality. I’m ready to do that again, and I hope that many of you will join me on this exciting new adventure.

Stay tuned!

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18 Responses to “Back, with a vengeance: growing a new online business”
  1. Sounds really cool, and exactly what’s needed online right now in my opinion. I can’t think of any sites/podcasts/YouTube channels with JSF-levels of transparency. They’re always glorified sales pitches for shoddy, overpriced “information products”. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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    • Great to be back, Dan! The fact that the vast majority of likes and comments on this article were on Facebook tells me that better integration with social media is critical. Not only here on the main site, but also (maybe especially) on the new forums. It’s going to be cool.

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  2. Thanks everyone! There will be lots of changes coming. Among those changes you can expect much better social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+) integration on JSF, the JSF Forms and my new (soon to be announced) sites.

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  3. I’m one if your old School JSF members. I saw your transformation and was inspired and tought by you and Aram Hamparian how to transform myself too, which would have never happened otherwise.
    I know you will succeed in everything you do, and I know how much you can help America and the world to improve our health and well-being. All the best.

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