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Not another time change rant; We’re going vegetarian.

Friday, March 11, 2016 by  
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The dreaded spring time change is this weekend, and so most of us will be losing an hour early Sunday morning. I’ve been getting up extra early for the past week, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a disruption to my very sensitive internal clock.

Oh no. Not again. I am feeling a coffee-fueled DST rant coming on, but I’ve already posted more than enough of those over the years. Walking away from the keyboard for a bit…

I will not rant about the time change. I will not rant about the time change.

I will not rant about the time change. I will not rant about the time change.


Okay, I’m good now.

My cut starts on Monday. As I always do just before I start a cutting phase, I’ll be relaxing my diet this weekend. I’m not planning to go completely nuts–especially since I’m allowing myself a weekly splurge meal during this cut–but I’m sure there will be some movie theater popcorn and pizza involved.

Lisa and I have decided that once my cut is over we’ll both be returning to a vegetarian diet (see yesterday’s blog). While I’m cutting we’re going to continue to assemble a collection of vegetarian recipes. I’m also going to be reading quite a bit about vegetarian nutrition for athletes.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how my athletic performance changes once I switch to a vegetarian diet. Because I already have so much cycling performance data, any changes will be easy to identify.

I’m excited about this new chapter of JSF!

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23 Responses to “Not another time change rant; We’re going vegetarian.”
  1. We get British Summer Time in a few weeks. Just as we start getting light morning so I can ride before work and the kids waking up we get sent back into darkness for a bit longer. Good luck with the vegetarian diet. It’s something that sounds very appealing to me, protein as always been my worry.

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  2. I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes, I was Veggie for a bout 2 years about 5/6 years back. I loved it but found it hard to stay on top of the amount of calleries I had to eat to stay strong.
    I still dont eat a lot of meat.

    2 months and still not back on the bike – I may be a runner now 😉


    P.S. my new bike turns up next week Giant TCR Advenaced SL0

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