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Yet another MP3 player drowns in a pool of my sweat

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 by  
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Apparently my sweat is about a half-step less corrosive than battery acid.

Last week my “sweat-proof” X2 earbuds died after a sweaty ride (see this blog), and on Monday while riding the indoor trainer my SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip gave up the ghost as it let out an eardrum shattering dubstep-esque glitching sound. I’ve now burned through 5 pair of Jaybird earbuds in less than a year, and 3 or 4 Clip Zips.

Sansa claims that the Clip Zip is “…Ideal for joggers, commuters, and other active music listeners”. I must have missed the asterisk…

*Athlete must not sweat during activity

I sure would love to find an MP3 player or Bluetooth earbud that is truly sweat-proof.

In the meantime, I’m going to go the ultra-cheap route, because “premium” products like the X2 sure aren’t getting the job done.

At this point I’m pretty sure it’s all the same Chinese made crap with different brand names and price tags corresponding to the perceived value of the brand name. The recent blog I wrote, and subsequent lens test video comparing $250 Oakley sunglasses to the ultra-inexpensive (and identical looking) Rivbos shades, is pretty telling in that respect.

Anyway, based on the recommendation of JSF Member “Derwinator” I picked up a pair of AUKEY Sport Bluetooth Headphones for less than 20 bucks:

Aukey Bluetooth Earbuds. Less than 20 bucks, let's see how they hold up compared to the nearly $200 X2 earbuds.

Aukey Bluetooth Earbuds. Less than 20 bucks, let’s see how they hold up compared to the nearly $200 X2 earbuds.


I’ll be trying them this morning for the first time. At least if these die I won’t feel like I’ve been kicked in the financial nuts. I’ll follow up in a few weeks (or sooner if they croak).

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9 Responses to “Yet another MP3 player drowns in a pool of my sweat”
  1. I know you dislike Apple products, but have you considered an iPod Nano? Some companies do conversions on them so they can be used for swimming. I’d imagine that would be waterproof enough for you. The downside is the earbuds wouldn’t be wireless, but I’d imagine you would go with the disposable route for those and just cycle through very cheap earbuds as they are destroyed by sweat?

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    • Yeah, I definitely don’t like Apple.

      It’s usually the earbuds that die due to sweat. In addition to the Jaybird earbuds, I’ve also killed quite a few pair of inexpensive MEE “sport” IPX5-rated earbuds.

      One of the reasons I like Bluetooth buds is because I can control the music (skip tracks, pause, etc) that’s streaming from my phone without having to reach back and blindly fumble with a physical player in my jersey pocket. I also like having my music on my phone, so extra devices increase the number of places I have to keep my tracks up to date.

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