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The new JSF mobile site is live!

Saturday, March 26, 2016 by  
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This has been an extremely productive week. The new O/S, web server and database are all configured, optimized and settled in. The migration of the main JSF site (this site) is pretty much done now, and everything seems to be running very well.

I’m currently doing a test import of the JSF forums to the new forum software. So far things are going better than expected. All the member data, post counts, signatures, private messages, avatars and the forums themselves were imported to the new system without issue. As I type this the massive database of close to 1,000,000 posts is importing, and so far everything looks good. This part of the import will take a long, long time. Once the posts import, I still have a lot more stuff to convert, including all of the file attachments.

I’ve been multitasking. Yesterday I put the finishing touches on a brand new version of the JSF mobile web site, and it’s now live. Here’s a screenshot:

Screenshot of the new JSF mobile site

Screenshot of the new JSF mobile site


My goal was to make things simple and attractive. Everything should be fairly self-explanatory, but I’ll briefly go over the major features.

  • The “hamburger menu” at top left will give you access to the entire site. I structured the menu so that it closely mirrors the full site, right down to the order of the menu items. Everything is available on the mobile site, even the recipes.
  • The link to log in is at bottom of the hamburger menu, and you can also log in from the text link below “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of most posts and pages.
  • Click the JSF logo at top/center at any time to return to the front page. You can also do this by clicking the menu and then clicking “HOME”.
  • Click the search icon at top right to perform a search. All of the content on JSF is fully searchable, including more than 12 years of blogs.
  • The big image slider just below the title bar will let you quickly swipe through the last 5 blogs. Click the image when you see a blog entry you’re interested in reading.
  • Below the image slider are the most recent 10 blogs. A text bubble overlay indicates the number of comments for that blog.
  • Under the 10 most recent blogs, you can click “Load More Entries” to load 10 more blogs. You can go back in time as far as you like.
  • At the bottom of the page you can switch between the Mobile and Desktop versions of the site.
  • Most posts and pages can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, email, G+ etc. Share links are at the top and bottom of most posts and pages.
  • Pinch to zoom in or out on any page or image.


I hope you all like the new mobile site. Please let me know what you think! Hit me up if you have any questions or experience any problems.

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24 Responses to “The new JSF mobile site is live!”
  1. Just tried it out… very nice. I always had trouble getting to the forums from the old site… now its right there on the “hamburger” (never knew it was called that)!

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Phil. I’ve heard from a few dozen people through various channels, and the feedback has been 100% positive!

      Soon the forums will look equally as impressive on your mobile device. No plugins, 3rd party apps or extra hassle–just a great mobile experience no matter where you are on JSF. 🙂

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  2. The feedback on the mobile redesign has been 100% positive! Thanks everyone, it makes the work I’ve put into it worth it. 🙂 Soon the forums will be just as awesome on all your mobile devices. Won’t be long…

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  3. Nah. Modern Apache is excellent when properly configured. mpm_event with front and backend caching (APC and memcache) can handle a shitton of traffic quite well. Besides, I’ve got about 1000 htaccess files that I definitely don’t want to convert.

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  4. Josh Kearney I was more than interested, I set up a test CentOS server with NGINX and MariaDB and I liked what I saw. But I’m time crunched, I need to get this stuff done quickly. I still have a VM running all that stuff, so down the road who knows.

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