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Forum launch went smoothly; Gave myself yesterday morning off!

Monday, April 4, 2016 by  
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After several weeks of work, I was able to launch the completely revamped JSF Forums on Saturday. The new JSF community software is not just a mere forum upgrade, it is a completely new system, running on a newly installed O/S. Pretty much everything had to be reworked from the bottom up. It was a huge job.

I’m very happy to report that everything is running exceptionally well! All the existing data is there, right down to every last smilie. 🙂 There have been zero major issues, and the few minor problems that have been brought to my attention have been corrected.

Member feedback on the new forum software has been excellent thus far. While the look, feel and features of the new forums will require some adjustment, everyone seems to realize what a massive upgrade to the old forum software this is. There are literally hundreds of cool new features, and it’s been fun to see the members who have taken the time to explore discover some of those features.

The welcome/help thread has some tips to help with the transition.

The welcome/help thread has some tips to help with the transition.

If you’re trying to do something and are stuck, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. I’ve started a welcome thread, and in that thread you’ll find a few tips (with screenshots) to help get you started. Just reply to that thread if you have any questions, or shoot me a PM. Also, if you have any general comments or suggestions, post ’em up!

There’s also some help available here. That section covers stuff like smilies, BB code and the new Trophy system.

I’ve verified that Facebook, Google+ and Twitter sign-ins are all working correctly. You can now use any of those social media accounts to authenticate your JSF account. If you’re a new user, just select that option during the account creation process. Existing users can associate their current account with any (or all) of these services in the External Accounts section of the user account page. There’s even a trophy reward if you associate your JSF account with all three of those social media services. 🙂

The Membership Upgrade system has been completely reworked and simplified. There are just three membership levels now (not including the Lifetime Platinum membership), instead of the previous five. If you are an existing paying member at a level that was eliminated, you were automatically bumped to the next highest level.

So after a couple of weeks consisting of 16 hour work days and virtually no time off, yesterday I rewarded myself for a job well done by taking the entire morning off. I gave my bike a nice tune-up and polishing, and then went for a hard 40 mile bike ride on a beautiful morning. When I got home I spent the rest of the morning hanging out with Lisa, and we watched a movie. It felt really good to relax for a bit.

I still have a lot of work to do. One of the bigger projects is getting the xenForo/Wordpress bridging software up and running. This is the software that will make WordPress and xenForo share the same account information. The software will also allow my blogs to be posted to the forums, and comments to the blog and comments on the forums will be kept in perfect sync, forming a single conversation. There are a few other features, but those are the big ones.

I’d better eat and get cracking. Have a great day!

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