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Lisa’s been cooking up a storm this week!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 by  
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Lisa is really excited (as am I!) that we’re both going to be switching to a vegetarian diet shortly after I complete my current cut. She’s off from work this week, and has been spending a fair bit of her downtime scouring the web for all kinds of new vegetarian dishes. Even better, she’s been cooking some of them! 🙂

As busy as I’ve been, it’s been wonderful to not have to worry about cooking dinner these past few days (I generally do 99% of the cooking). Lisa has been knocking it out of the park, too–both with her recipe selection, and the preparation of the dishes.

Even though Lisa doesn’t do much cooking, she’s really good in the kitchen. In fact, she has a pretty deep knowledge of ingredients, styles and techniques because she watches lots of cooking television shows. I always tell her she’s the most knowledgeable non-cooking chef I know.

On Monday night she prepared Quinoa and Black Bean Stuffed Peppers, and they were amazing! Check out this post on the forums for a few more details and a link to the recipe.

Last night she whipped up some delicious BBQ cauliflower, chickpea & lime coleslaw soft tacos. They were SO good! She used Greek yogurt to make the slaw, and added some sriracha spice as well. Here’s a picture:

Lisa's vegetarian BBQ cauliflower, chickpea & lime coleslaw soft tacos.

Lisa’s vegetarian BBQ cauliflower, chickpea & lime coleslaw soft tacos.


We only had flour tortillas on hand (Lisa likes to have wraps with those whenever I make chicken ranch salad), but in the future we’ll use wholegrain wraps.

We’re going to tweak the recipe a little bit, but once it’s perfected in I’ll post it up.

If you’re looking for some excellent tried-and-true vegetarian dishes, check out JSF member “Baldridges” blog: Plant, Run, Family. There’s some awesome looking stuff there!

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4 Responses to “Lisa’s been cooking up a storm this week!”
  1. I’m sorry, I didn’t ever expect to here the words “chef” and Lisa used together….or Denise! Bakers yes! Love you…..way to go Lisa. I am trying to prepare three vegetarian meals per week. I try to buy organic when possible. Brian has me adding grass, I mean vegetables, in powder form, Vibrance, to my smoothies each morning!

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