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My 2013 Madone is gone; Brand new 2014 Madone–for sale?

Friday, April 8, 2016 by  
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I have not got around to mentioning this in my blog, but my 2013 Trek Madone road bike is no more.

A few months ago I began to have some bottom bracket issues, and my Trek rep offered to replace the entire frameset (frame & fork) under warranty. He extended this offer based purely on my emailed reports. I have a great relationship with my Trek rep, but I was rather surprised that Trek was willing to replace the frameset without first inspecting the bike. A frameset is obviously a very high dollar replacement item. I’m not a fan of Trek’s BB90 design, but I sure can’t complain about the after-sale support I’ve received.

Trek sent me the 2014 frameset, so it’s a year newer than the one it replaced. The paint on the 2014 frameset is truly stunning! My 2013 Madone was a matte black and white, while the 2014 is a gloss black, white & grey with with shiny flecks that catch the sunlight:

My 2014 Madone - paint close up.

My 2014 Madone – paint close up.


You really have to see it in person to appreciate the paint. It’s a beautiful bike.

So I got the bike built up within a day or so of receiving the frameset, but I have not ridden it. It’s virtually a brand new 2014 Trek Madone 5.9 Di2. The frame and fork are factory fresh, brand new BB bearings, brand new headset bearings, brand new Jagwire brake cables and housings, and brand new bar tape. The electronic Di2 drivetrain functions perfectly.

When I say “brand new” above, I mean just that: zero miles. This bike has literally never been ridden.

Also worthy of note, the bike has Trek’s new BB90 bearings, which are greatly improved over the old bearings. I’ve actually been using the new style bearings for the past year or so while they were still in the prototype stage. I wasn’t allowed to talk about the prototype bearings publicly (until now), so that’s why I never mentioned them in my blog. I got much longer life out of the new bearings compared to the old style, and they were much better at preventing water intrusion. Glad to see they finally made it into full production, and are now standard on Trek’s BB90 bikes.

The reason I’ve not ridden the bike is because I’m considering selling it and picking up a Giant (Giant sponsors my racing team). I simply have not had the time over the past month to do that, though. In fact, at this point I’m tempted just to keep the bike. I’ve been riding my TT bike for the past few months, and I miss my road bike.

So, unless someone sees this and makes me an offer I can’t refuse within the next day or so, I’m just going to keep the Madone and start riding it. If you’re interested, let me know right away and I’ll send you the full specs. The frame is 58cm, I’m 6′.

Here she is, all built up and ready to rock:

My 2014 Trek Madone. Zero miles.

My 2014 Trek Madone. Zero miles.

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