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I need to replace my standard chicken lunch–vegetarian lunch ideas?

Spicy Baked Chicken

Going vegetarian isn’t going to be a huge change from the foods I normally eat. In fact, lately Lisa and I have been eating vegetarian (and often vegan) dinners more often than not. I’ve found myself enjoying the vegetarian/vegan dinners we’ve been making as of late even more than the meat-based meals we used to always eat.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do for my vegetarian lunches.

For many years my standard lunch has been the same: a chicken breast, 1 cup (cooked) brown rice and either a salad or some steamed broccoli.

I've been eating this lunch for many years.

I’ve been eating this lunch for many years.


I find this meal is easy to prepare, healthy, satiating and I always enjoy it. Well, at least I used to. I’ve noticed that over the past couple of weeks I’ve not really been enjoying my chicken breast lunches very much. This is especially true when I’m eating cold chicken breasts. Because I grill six breasts at a time, eat one hot and then consume the rest cold, most of my lunches include cold chicken breasts. Yesterday I couldn’t even finish my lunch (the dogs were happy to assist me with that), and I’m not really looking forward to today’s cold breast.

So lunch is really the only meal I’m sort of scratching my head over when I go full vegetarian. I’m a creature of habit, and so I need to find a meal that I love enough to eat over and over. It needs fit all the requirements of my current lunch (easy to prepare, healthy, satiating and taste great).

I know a lot of you out there are vegetarians, vegans and “flexitarians”, so I thought some of you might have some great vegetarian lunch ideas. If you do, please comment!