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My cycling month in review: April 2016


A new month is upon us and, as I always do at the beginning of a new month, this morning I’m going to review some of my cycling highlights, personal records and totals from the previous month.

Like March, April was a difficult month for me. I worked long hours, and a number of other things going in my life prevented me from riding as much as I’d like. I did manage a few more miles in April than I did in March (659 miles in April vs 603 miles in March), but that’s still way down from my usual 1,000+ miles per month. I kept my daily riding streak alive (852 straight days as of April 30th), but it wasn’t easy.

Before I get into all the numbers and details, here are my favorite photos of the month (see captions, click to enlarge):

Beautiful spring wildflowers are in full bloom.

Beautiful spring wildflowers are in full bloom.


More wildflowers, and cows.

More wildflowers, and cows.


Monthly Totals for Distance/Elevation/Time
  • Total Distance Ridden, April 2016: 659.1 miles (Current PR, set July 2015: 1,311.7 miles/2,111.0 kilometers)
  • Total Elevation, April 2016: 18,299 feet (Current PR, set July 2015: 46,795 feet/14,263.12 meters)
  • Total Riding Time, April 2016: 30h 39m (Current PR, set July 2015: 65h 50m)


Other Cycling Personal Records & Achievements

Over the past month I set a total of 94 cycling personal records for time on various Strava segments.

For Strava’s April 2016 Distance Challenge I rode more kilometers than 87.39% Strava Distance Challenge cyclists worldwide, placing 32,336 out of a total of 256,394 athletes with 968 kilometers ridden from April 1st – April 30th.


My Training Calendar: April 2016


My April 2016 Training Calendar

My April 2016 Training Calendar


VeloViewer Score

I’ve been using the awesome Strava companion site VeloViewer for quite some time now (in fact, that’s where some of the stats and charts in these monthly reports are obtained). If you’re a Strava cyclist who craves even more ways to crunch your ride data, then you owe it to yourself to check out VeloViewer. There’s a lot there, so explore and have some fun.

One of the features of VeloViewer that I really like is its innovative and unique VeloViewer Score.

The VeloViewer Score is a cool way for Strava users to compare themselves against other cyclists: It is the average segment position score from a cyclist’s top 25% (up to a maximum of 100) non-downhill segments. What I like about the VeloViewer Score is that it’s derived based on an algorithm that actually weights the number of other athletes who have also ridden the segments. In other words, VeloViewer understands and takes into account that a KOM with only 20 cyclists on the leaderboard is nowhere near as impressive as a KOM with 1,000 cyclists on the leaderboard.

Because of the way the VeloViewer Score is computed, it’s a unique method for cyclists who live far apart and never ride the same segments to compare their overall performances.

Go create your own VeloViewer account and see how you stack up with your Strava friends across the globe! Note that as of November 2014 VeloViewer is no longer a free service. The cost, however, is only about $16.00 (USD) per year, and I feel its features are well worth what comes to a little over a buck a month.

VeloViewer Score – April 2016 (up from 99.755 in March 2016)

VeloViewer Score – April 2016 (up from 99.755 in March 2016)


2016 Distance, Elevation and Riding Time

My 2016 distance total (121 days) is 3,194.3 miles. Average daily distance is 26.40 miles.

My 2016 elevation total (121 days) is 88,262 feet. Average daily elevation is 729.44 feet.

I’ve spent a total of 150h 55m in the saddle so far in 2016. Average daily riding time is 1h 15m.

My riding streak continues, and I have now ridden my bike every single day for 852 days straight (at least one ride every day from December 31, 2013 forward). My minimum standards for this challenge are as follows:

  • The bare minimum for a ride, or rides, to count is 10 miles/16.1 kilometers.
  • Multiple rides on the same day that total in excess of 10 miles/16.1 kilometers are acceptable.
  • Indoor trainer rides (in excess of 10 miles) count.

Here are comparisons of my distance and elevation for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Distance comparison: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 YTD.

Distance comparison: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 YTD.


Elevation comparison: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 YTD

Elevation comparison: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 YTD


Power Output Personal Records

Here’s a look at my current power curve (click to enlarge), followed by a chart with my actual power output personal records at various time intervals.

My power curve as April 30, 2016

My power curve as April 30, 2016


I set a total of zero new power personal records in April.

Here’s my complete power output chart (my current power chart can always be found in the “Cycling” section on the main menu, above):

Power Output Personal Records as of April 30, 2016 - Weight: 175.0 pounds/79.38 kg - FTP: 309

1 second116715.3July 14, 2015
5 seconds103513.57January 18, 2015
10 seconds98312.88January 18, 2015
15 seconds95612.53July 5, 2014
20 seconds93612.27July 5, 2014
30 seconds85511.21July 5, 2014
45 seconds7259.5January 18, 2015
1 minute6108January 18, 2015
1.5 minutes5196.8October 18, 2014
2 minutes4876.38October 18, 2014
3 minutes4315.65October 18, 2014
4 minutes3865.06November 25, 2015
5 minutes3694.84June 4, 2014
6 minutes3564.67January 19, 2016
7 minutes3494.57October 18, 2015
8 minutes3434.5October 18, 2015
9 minutes3404.46November 19, 2014
10 minutes3424.48November 19, 2014
15 minutes3144.12January 1, 2016
20 minutes3144.12January 1, 2016
30 minutes3013.95January 18, 2016
45 minutes3003.93January 18, 2016
1 hour3003.93January 18, 2016
1.5 hours2763.62December 19, 2015
2 hours2613.42December 19, 2015
2.5 hours2513.29December 19, 2015
3 hours2303.01December 5, 2015
3.5 hours2272.98December 5, 2015
4 hours2102.75November 28, 2015
4.5 hours1922.52November 15, 2015
5 hours1842.41February 7, 2015
6 hours1622.12October 5, 2014
7 hours1161.52April 6, 2014
8 hours1091.43April 6, 2014
9 hours1091.43April 6, 2014
10 hours1091.43April 6, 2014


The gear hunt or click here for more.

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