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Close call with a wasp on yesterday’s ride

Monday, May 9, 2016 by  
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Saturday was a yard work and project day. I guess I underestimated how much work needs to be done around here, because there was still lots left to do at the end of the day. The plan on Sunday was to do my morning ride, and then finish up the remaining projects.

After I got back from yesterday’s ride I was sitting at my desk trying to work up the motivation to get back to work, but I couldn’t seem to do it. I decided that I needed a day off, so I took it.

On yesterday morning’s ride a wasp flew into my helmet. I’ve been stung on the head a few times while riding (this sort of thing happens more than one might imagine), and it’s about as fun as it sounds. I continued to ride hoping the wasp would fly off, but I could feel him crawling on my head. As I slowed my bike to a stop, I braced myself for the sting. Thankfully it never came: I carefully removed my helmet, and watched with relief as the wasp flew away.

anatomy of wasp


Wasps suck. I recall a particularly painful encounter that took place almost a year ago while I was on a 76 mile solo training ride. About halfway through the ride a wasp flew into my open jersey, and started stinging me over and over. There wasn’t a good place to stop, so I tried to crush the wasp through my jersey and bib shorts. This really pissed him off. Eventually I thought I got him, but a little later I felt a sting on, well… about the last place you’d want to be stung by a wasp. That was the last straw. I stopped and shook out a black and red wasp of some sort. Lisa counted a total of 17 stings. I was also stung while doing yard work a couple of days before this ride, so my high score is 18 stings in less than a week.

bees vs wasps


My friend Sebastian told me that he no longer unzips his jersey, even when it’s very hot, because of what happened to me last June.

My encounters with wasps are one of the reasons Lisa will not ride a bike any more. She said if a wasp flew into her helmet or jersey she’d freak out and instantly wreck. I can understand her concern, as she’s allergic.

Wasps really are assholes, and it’s the time of year where they are everywhere here in Florida.

If you’ve got any good wasp war stories, post ’em up!

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18 Responses to “Close call with a wasp on yesterday’s ride”
  1. Back in high school I got stung in the armpit during a football practice. Hurt like a bitch and of course I couldn’t say anything because of course the machismo of playing football wouldn’t allow for a complaint such as that. That sucked.

    And oh yeah, back in 2007 on Labor Day weekend my Dad got stung and spent a week in a coma due to an alergic reaction. He had never had reaction prior to that. We though he was a goner mid-week when a lung collapsed and the neurologist said brain waves were minimal. He pulled through, no lasting effects, but jeez. Scary shit.

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    • Dude, I was going to comment on your armpit sting, but your dad wins. That is super scary, glad he was eventually okay. That’s what Lisa worries about happening, too. I’m pretty sure she’s got a shot of epinephrine in her purse, but if she does it probably expired in 1992.

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