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The Bodyforce X9 is here! Swing Wing rotated down

Some thought this day would never come: the Bodyforce X9 Hybrid Gym has finally hit the market! My X9 was delivered last Monday, and over the past week I’ve been working on getting it unpacked and installed. Assembling the X9 is not a small job, and I’m still not done. Because I’m still building the machine and have not trained on it yet, all I can give you right now are some basic first impressions,… [Read more]

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Preparing my gym… This won't be empty much longer.

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a very long time since my last blog. Things are going quite well, and I’m finally in a spot that I can begin to write again—albeit only occasionally. I’ll be sharing my fitness-related plans and progress, among other things, in upcoming blogs. It felt good to type that. So today’s update is short, but sweet. I spent all morning cleaning and rearranging my home gym in preparation for a… [Read more]

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