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John Stone FitnessThank you for your interest in advertising on the John Stone Fitness (JSF) family of web sites. John Stone Fitness LLC was formed in 2004 after traffic to my personal transformation blog grew to such an extent that I was no longer able to continue financing the costs on my own. Over the years John Stone Fitness has continued to thrive and expand:

  • My original blog, John Stone Fitness, is still updated daily and has expanded tremendously in both size and scope since it began back in January 2003. To accommodate the site’s growth there have been numerous hardware and software upgrades along with two major redesigns (most recently in January 2011).
  • The JSF Forums are home to nearly 30,000 members and contain close to 1 million posts. Topics such as fat loss, muscle building, nutrition, general fitness and fitness equipment are among the many subjects discussed there daily.
  • Both sites remain free of charge to members and guests. JSF is supported entirely through voluntary donations and advertising.

John Stone Fitness Traffic Statistics

These statistics were last updated July 2015.

  • Google PR of 5.
  • Average of 418,132 visitors per month.

Advertising Opportunities

John Stone Fitness and the John Stone Fitness Forums offer many advertising opportunities and ad placement possibilities, an easy to use automatic ad purchase systems with same-day ad injection, quick online renewals and competitive pricing. We also offer a comprehensive Official Sponsorship package, which includes a unique and extensive advertising campaign that reaches across both sites.

Details on our various advertising options are outlined below. If you have any questions or are interested in a custom advertising campaign, please email support@johnstonefitness.com and we’ll be happy to help.

John Stone Fitness Ads

John Stone FitnessJohn Stone Fitness is the site that started it all. The humble little body transformation blog that I began in 2003 absolutely exploded due, in part, to my daily updates and series of 479 daily progress photographs. With the exception of planned time off for vacations and moves I’ve updated my blog without fail every single day for more than a decade.

Continued growth over the years has necessitated several dedicated server upgrades, multiple software upgrades, two major web site re-designs and three data center moves. The powerful JSF servers are currently located in a world-class ANSI/TIA-942 Tier 4 data center with N+2 power and environmental control subsystems and no single point of failure. We have a dedicated 1000Mbps Tier 1 Network pipe to the Internet.

Advertising on John Stone Fitness requires no long-term commitments (7 or 30-day minimum depending on ad type; longer terms are available at reduced monthly cost). Most ads may be purchased online using PayPal for same-day injection using our simple automatic ad purchasing system.

For details on currently available ad types and locations, enlarge the image to the right. If you would like to purchase ads, just visit the John Stone Fitness ad purchase page. Ads are generally approved and injected within 2 hours of payment. Please direct any questions or special requests to support@johnstonefitness.com.

John Stone Fitness Forums Ads

John Stone Fitness ForumsThe John Stone Fitness Forums is a thriving community of friendly fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life. Active since 2004, the forums currently have a registered membership of nearly 30,000. JSF members have authored close to 1 million posts, and that number is growing daily. In addition to our registered members there are always hundreds of unregistered guest browsing the forums at any given moment.

The JSF Forums currently have available slots for 375×48 banner advertisements in JPG, PNG, GIF or 89a GIF format. These ads are highly visible at the top of the forums, do not rotate with other ads and are shown on every page. Please note that these ad slots do not entitle the advertiser to make commercial posts or in any other way advertise on the forum (this type of advertising is reserved for Official Sponsors, shown below). We accept all ads with the exception of pornography or ads for products or services that are illegal in the US. The cost for each ad is currently $75.00/month, and ads must be purchased in 3-month blocks. If you are interested in running an ad on the forums, please email support@johnstonefitness.com.

John Stone Fitness Official Sponsorship

JSF Official SponsorshipThe John Stone Fitness Official Sponsorship package provides the advertiser with maximum exposure across the entire family of JSF web sites.

Along with personal endorsements that include occasional mentions of your products and services in my daily blog, Official Sponsors enjoy numerous other benefits:

  • (1) 468×60 banner ad at the top of the main John Stone Fitness web site. The ad is visible at the top of all pages, and rotates along with other ads (currently 8 second rotation interval).
  • (1) 125×125 banner ad in the sidebar of the main John Stone Fitness web site. The ad block is located mid-way down the page and is visible on all pages. This ad does not rotate with other ads.
  • (1) very large (588×330) and prominent “Featured Content” ad on the main page of John Stone Fitness. Sponsors may place a full-color image (along with caption text) announcing sales, specials or general advertising at no extra charge. These spots rotate with other featured content at 9 second intervals.
  • (1) 375×48 banner ad at the top of the JSF Forums. The ad is located at the top of the forum and is visible on all pages. This ad does not rotate with other ads.
  • Up to five (5) forum accounts with “Official Sponsor” status. These accounts carry the “Official Sponsor” title, have a link to your company web site by the user title and may place banner or text ads in the signature area.
  • Official Sponsors may openly promote products and services in forum posts. Normal forum rules apply.

Please note: I only endorse products I actually use and believe in; as such, not all companies seeking the full sponsorship package will be accepted. I’m looking for long-term sponsors who are the best at what they do and who have something unique to offer our community. I maintain a very close relationship with all my sponsors, and I personally vouch for them. Sponsors are expected to treat forum members with 100% respect and courtesy – even if someone is critical of your products or services. New sponsors must commit to and pay for a minimum of six months. After that, Sponsorship dues may be paid on a monthly basis (if desired).

Pricing for Full Sponsorship is currently $150/month. If you have any questions or are interested in a full sponsorship package, please email me with information about your company and its products or services.

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