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8% body fat and the end of my fat loss program; Loose skin.

I’m down to 8% body fat as of this morning. My top 4 abs are really showing through now, but my lower 2 (4?!) abs are still not there yet. I’m going to start training my lower abs even harder now, but I also think there is some loose skin covering them. There’s not much I can do about that, except wait for it to shrink. That’s what I get for letting myself get fat…. [Read more]

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Busy Monday; Pagers suck.

Another busy Monday ahead… I am going to go get my workout in before my pager goes off again (it’s gone off twice already this morning). Have a great day!

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Soreness; DVDs; Stinky dogz!@!

I am so sore. I was feeling especially good yesterday, so I hit my pecs and delts extra hard. I can tell that I did a very good job this morning. 🙂 I love being sore, and I’m disappointed with myself if I’m not very sore the day after a weight training session. I’ve pretty much been in a state of perpetual soreness since January, so I’m used to it by now. Back when I… [Read more]

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Importance of not missing workouts; advice for staying motivated.

Ah, Saturday. Finally. It’s been a loooong work week, and I’m ready for a couple of days of rest and relaxation. This past week has been so busy that it has been tough to get all my workouts in. A couple of days in particular I found that it would have been very easy to make excuses and miss my workouts, but as soon as those thoughts enter my mind I shut them down by… [Read more]

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The 3 types of responses to my progress on public message boards.

I’m in a big hurry this morning and running late, so I’m going to go get my crunches and cardio done right away. I’m still running behind responding to my emails, sorry! It’s been a crazy week so far… I’m going leave what I wrote yesterday up for another day since it’s worth repeating… well, that, plus I don’t have time to come up with anything new this morning! 😉 When someone posts a link… [Read more]

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