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Suspending my cut…

I’m stalled again. I’m only down .2 pounds after another week of strict, clean dieting. I know what I need to do. I’ve got to trim some calories and/or get my activity level up. Lack of time is going to prevent me from getting longer rides in for the foreseeable future, and I don’t want to trim calories any further. We all know that low calorie fog that often comes with being in an extended… [Read more]

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Supercharge your black bean burgers Black Bean burgers with chipotle sauce, baby kale, spinach, chard, sweet onion, tomato and pickles.

Last night I was planning to make vegetarian tacos of some sort, but at the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted. It’s been one hell of a week for both me and Lisa, and neither of us felt like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. So, without thinking too hard about it, we ordered a giant pizza with sausage and pepperoni. Just kidding. I’ve still not had time to try the… [Read more]

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Update on Sonny Sonny after coming home from the vet earlier this week.

I wanted to follow up on Monday’s blog with some new information about Sonny’s condition. We now know that Sonny has a rare condition known as Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia (IMT). Essentially IMT is an autoimmune attack against the dog’s own platelets. Sometimes this condition is brought on by an external factor, such as an immunization. That’s known as Secondary IMT. Sonny’s condition, however, was not brought on by any external influence, so he has Primary IMT…. [Read more]

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ZMA crazy dreams: Geddy Lee, movies, resumes and black bears Now hiring?

One of the few supplements I take is ZMA (I like Now ZMA Capsules). ZMA is a natural synergistic mineral blend containing Zinc, Magnisum Aspartate and vitamin B6. Many people don’t get enough Zinc and Magnisum in their diets (source); athletes, in particular, are often found deficient due to loss through perspiration. In 2014 I wrote a fairly detailed article on ZMA, so I won’t duplicate that information here. In that article I discussed some… [Read more]

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NY Times ‘Biggest Loser’ article – your thoughts?

I was catching up on the JSF Fitness Journals last night when I saw that Seltzer posted a link to a NY Time article titled, “After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight“. “Contestants lost hundreds of pounds during Season 8, but gained them back. A study of their struggles helps explain why so many people fail to keep off the weight they lose.” Interested, I clicked through and gave the article a… [Read more]

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My cycling month in review: April 2016 Beautiful spring wildflowers are in full bloom.

My cycling month in review: April 2016

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Short blog, taking Sonny to vet (updated)

This is going to be a really quick one. Sonny has been ill, and I took him to the vet Saturday morning. Unfortunately he’s worse this morning, and so I’m taking him to the vet the minute they open. I don’t have time to go into details right now, but we’re really scared and worried. I’ll update when I get back. —- 9:00 AM Update Last week Sonny hurt one of his back legs, probably… [Read more]

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Spring 2016 cut progress report: Week #7 EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #7 of my spring 2016 cut is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. METHODOLOGY: A few words about my body fat test, scale weight and soft tape measurements My body fat, tape measurements and scale weight are all performed while fasted (first thing in the morning before eating or drinking). All measurements are taken “cold” (no pump), and flexed. A 7-point or 9-point body fat caliper pinch test is the most… [Read more]

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Account sync follow-up If you've got an existing account on the main site, you'll need to associate it with your forum account. This only needs to be done once.

In yesterday’s blog I discussed the new feature that allows for a single JSF account for both this site and the forums. I neglected to include one step that you may need to perform. I’ve since updated yesterday’s blog with the additional step, but I wanted to post it here as well just in case anyone was confused. If you’ve got an existing account on the main site (if you’ve ever commented on the main… [Read more]

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Forum & main site unified account feature is live! Update your avatar on the forums. It will automatically be used on the main site, too!

I finally have the JSF forums and the main site properly bridged. As a result, there are quite a few cool new features that will make life easier for everyone. This morning I’d like to quickly go over everything. Don’t worry, none of this stuff is complicated. Getting the bridge properly working, however, was. But that’s my problem. 🙂 The first thing you need to know is all your account information is now contained in… [Read more]

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