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Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - Welcome, guest user!

A couple Clif bar flavors you should try Clif's Berry Pomegranate Chia tastes amazing!

I use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature to order a lot of the stuff I use on a regular basis. One of the items I have sent every month is a box or two of Clif bars. Recently my go-to favorite, White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut, was removed from the S&S program (I hate it when that happens!) This month I looked through the list of bars that were S&S eligible, and the Berry Pomegranate… [Read more]

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Good week so far, water weight gone; Cheats to be optional. This was my 14" Gourmet White Pizza with fresh tomatoes and onions, and an incredible IPA called "Jai Alai" from Cigar City Brewing.

The first week of my cut is going very well. I kicked things off on Monday morning at a very bloated 182.4 pounds, and yesterday morning my weight was 178.4 pounds (down 4.0 pounds). This morning my weight is identical to yesterday’s weight, and I only got up once last night to urinate. The excess water weight is definitely gone. I’m already looking and feeling a little leaner which, of course, is always nice. I… [Read more]

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My X2 earbuds died; That’s 5 pair of Jaybirds in less than a year.

Towards the end of this past January, I gave my final review on the Jaybird X2 Bluetooth earbuds (see Jaybird X2 Bluetooth earbuds: verdict). When I wrote that review, the X2s were still functioning, but I was starting to have issues with disconnects and reduced battery life. Based on my past experience with Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds, I was concerned that these problems were symptoms of an early death. I was right to be worried. During… [Read more]

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My first HelloFresh box will be here Monday; $40 off coupon code. Jamie's Easy-Peasy Tomato Tagliatelle with Asparagus, Fresh Basil, and Parmesan

This morning I’d like to talk about an all-inclusive food and recipe delivery service called HelloFresh. JSF member “Banditfist” recently hooked me up with an invite to HelloFresh (thanks, Mark!), and yesterday I went ahead and signed up for my first box. The way the service works is really simple. Each week you’ll receive all-new healthy and creative recipes (with photographs and step-by-step instructions), along with all the farm-fresh ingredients required to make each recipe…. [Read more]

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Excellent first day of cut; No alcohol for the duration.

Yesterday was, I believe, the first day in about 5 or 6 weeks during which my diet was spot-on: healthy foods, plenty of water and no alcohol. It felt great. I knew I’d be shedding some extra water weight during the first few days, and this always means many overnight trips to the bathroom. All those trips to bathroom is very disruptive to my sleep, but it’s unavoidable. In an attempt to reduce how quickly… [Read more]

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Spring 2016 cut: Day 1 starting stats EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

My spring 2016 cut starts today, and this morning I’ve taken a complete set of measurements: scale weight, soft tape and body fat. For the past 5 or 6 weeks I’ve allowed my career situation to control me, and I’ve done a piss-poor job of managing my health. I’ve been eating above maintenance pretty much every day. My activity level has been less than usual. I’ve been consuming alcohol more than I should be. My… [Read more]

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Cut starts tomorrow; Stoked about returning to a vegetarian diet! The Vegetarian recipe section of JSF is going to be seeing a lot of action very soon.

My usual Sunday stats (scale weight, body fat percentage, soft tape measurements) are not happening this morning, as my cut begins tomorrow. I’ll take a complete set of starting stats tomorrow morning, and will post all that in tomorrow’s blog. Of course I’ll be posting weekly progress reports here every Sunday, and my complete daily food logs will be posted to MyFitnessPal. I’ll be cutting down to about 163-165 pounds. My starting weight is going… [Read more]

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Behind the scenes work so far, but downtime ahead The John Stone Fitness Forums will not look like this much longer.

I’ve been doing lots of background work preparing JSF and the JSF Forums for the many changes that lie ahead. So far this work has not required any interruption to the main site or forums, but some amount of downtime will be unavoidable. This is particularly true of the JSF forums. I’m moving the forums to an entirely new software platform, and doing so is not going to be a simple or quick task. The… [Read more]

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Not another time change rant; We’re going vegetarian. I will not rant about the time change. I will not rant about the time change.

The dreaded spring time change is this weekend, and so most of us will be losing an hour early Sunday morning. I’ve been getting up extra early for the past week, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a disruption to my very sensitive internal clock. Oh no. Not again. I am feeling a coffee-fueled DST rant coming on, but I’ve already posted more than enough of those over the years. Walking away from… [Read more]

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Starting a cut on Monday; May return to a vegetarian diet

My diet over the past month has not been great. I’ve been eating over maintenance nearly daily, and my food choices have not been stellar. I’ve limited my splurge meals to one, or–at the most–two per week, but I’ve been snacking on some unhealthy choices and consuming alcohol more than I should be. Stress eating? Sure. Lame excuse? Absolutely. I made a couple feeble attempts over the past two weeks to tighten things up, but… [Read more]

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