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April 2012 Transformation Spotlight: FatLenny April 2012 Transformation Spotlight: FatLenny!

For the April 2012 Transformation Spotlight I’ve selected forum member “FatLenny” (Terry). At just 35 years old, Terry was morbidly obese, extremely unhealthy and facing what was certain to be a very short and unhealthy life. When Terry began his transformation he weighed in at a scale-busting 336 pounds. Now, just 1.5 years later, Terry has lost more than 125 pounds of fat, clearly added muscle and is a completely changed man. Now when Terry… [Read more]

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March 2012 Transformation Spotlight: Terps01fan2006 March 2012 TSM: Terps01fan2006!

For the March 2012 Transformation Spotlight of the Month I’ve selected JSF forum member “Terps01fan2006” (Ryan). In 2007 Ryan was morbidly obese and decided that it was time to make a change. Like many of those who resolve to lose weight for the New Year, Ryan’s first attempt at a transformation lasted a good solid week. The seed was planted, however, and Ryan found it within himself to to try again the next month. Closing… [Read more]

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The long-awaited Articles section of JSF has launched!

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My 2012 training photo album has been created.

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January 2012 Transformation Spotlight: T-1 Sella January 2012 TSM: T-1 Sella!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get into shape in the new year, look no further than this month’s Transformation Spotlight, forum member “T-1 Sella” (James)! A devastating series of personal and financial events led to James’ rock bottom. As many of us tend to do when we’re miserable, James initially blamed others for his problems and allowed himself to slide further and further away from the person he once was. One day James… [Read more]

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December 2011 Transformation Spotlight: NCNBilly December 2011 Transformation Spotlight: NCNBilly!

For the December 2011 Transformation Spotlight I’ve selected long-time forum member “NCNBilly” (Billy). Billy has been an active member of the JSF Forums since the very first week of their inception (January 21, 2004). Some people prefer to undergo a relatively fast and dramatic transformation, while others make changes that are gradually incorporated into their lives over a longer period of time. Neither approach is wrong, it really boils down to which method works best… [Read more]

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November 2011 Transformation Spotlight: wisedude November 2011 Transformation Spotlight: wisedude

For the November 2011 Transformation Spotlight of the Month I’ve selected forum member “wisedude” (Alex). Alex’s transformation has taken place over several years, and mistakes were made along the way. Initially Alex dropped all the way down to 130 pounds (he’s almost 6 feet tall) because he wasn’t lifting or eating properly. Determined to correct his errors, Alex began to eat more (and healthier) and lift hard. This hard work paid off: Alex packed on… [Read more]

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October 2011 Transformation Spotlight: Apothecary October 2011 Transformation Spotlight: Apothecary

For the October 2011 Transformation Spotlight of the Month I’ve selected forum member Apothecary (Michael). Michael tried to lose weight in all the wrong ways and, like many people who do that, he had a measure of success before putting all the weight back on (plus some). Counted among Michael’s inspirations are the previous Transformation Spotlight recipients, and that makes me very happy. The point of these Spotlights is to recognize those who have worked… [Read more]

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September 2011 TSM: junior_t September 2011 TSM: junior_t

For the September 2011 TSM I’ve selected forum member “junior_t” (Carl). Carl started visiting John Stone Fitness all the way back in 2006, but instead of utilizing the proper diet and training techniques espoused here, he continued to try fad diets with predictable results. Finally, at the beginning of this year, Carl decided to give fat loss one last try. This time around Carl hired Aram “Mastover” Hamparian to assist him with his diet and… [Read more]

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August 2011 TSM: burntmatch2003 August 2011 TSM: burntmatch2003

For the August 2011 TSM I’ve selected forum member “burntmatch2003” (Jon). Excuses. You hear that word a lot on fitness web sites, and it’s a word that comes up a lot in these transformation spotlights. Why? It’s simple: people who make excuses never get anywhere, and those who stop making excuses reach their goals every single time. This month’s transformation spotlight features forum member “burntmatch2003” (Jon), and is yet another stellar example of just how… [Read more]

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