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My Home Bike Shop

My home bike repair shop: main tool storage area and bench.

My home bike repair shop: main tool storage area and bench.

Considering the relatively small number of JSF visitors who are mountain or road bikers, and the even smaller fraction of those who actually have an interest in creating their own repair shop (and don’t already have one), I admit that I spent an inordinate amount of time working on this morning’s blog. I don’t care, it was fun. Most of you know how much I love to document my various passions (it’s really why this site exists in the first place), so I don’t think anyone is dying of shock here.

If you ride then you need to at least be able to perform basic maintenance tasks on your bike; failure to do so will decrease your bike’s performance, shorten the life of your bike and very possibly cause you to sustain a serious (or even fatal) injury. If you decide to move beyond the basics, then you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of working on your own bike, spend less time cooling your heels while your bike is at the shop and you’ll also save a heck of a lot of money.

I need to point out that I am far from a bike repair expert. But I enjoy learning, and I do have a background in mechanical repairs (when I was a teenager I completely restored a 1970 Firebird from the ground up). I don’t think you have to be particularly mechanically oriented to learn basic bike repairs, but you do have to have the desire to learn and patience. A lot of patience.

I’ve assembled so much media that I don’t really need to provide a lot of exposition here. Please check out the pictures and then watch the video. I’ve also compiled a very comprehensive list of every item seen in this video (with links) and much, much more. Most of the items can be found on Amazon.com, and I even took the time to locate the lowest priced items with free Prime shipping (when available). You’ll find the list, organized by category, just below the video.

I hope you enjoy the tour, even if you’re not a rider (at least not yet!)

NOTE: I’ll update the below list of items regularly, and will also add new pictures on occasion.

List of items last updated on November 3, 2015.
Pictures added/updated on August 29, 2013.




Below you’ll find a listing of everything shown in the above video of my home bike shop (and much, much more). This is not a comprehensive list of all the tools you’d need to perform every bike repair under the sun. A shop stocked with the below items, however, will allow you to perform all regular bike maintenance tasks as well as most repairs. More tools will be added as the need for them arises.


John Stone Fitness Comments

8 Responses to “My Home Bike Shop”
  1. John,

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this blog post! I’ve been visiting your site for several years now and much like the gentleman who wrote you recently and you publicly replied, I’ve been struggling with motivation and not reaching my fitness goals. I have to say, though, that your recent blog posts have had an opposite effect on me – I recently purchased a Trek Marlin and started riding! I’m having an absolute blast and this has given me an all new incentive to lose weight because now I know how bad out of shape I really am, ha!

    Once I found out you were planning a blog post plus detailed video about bike maintenance, I purposely decided to hold off on purchasing any tools and accessories. The post was very informative and gave me a good idea about what I need to have at hand for both on and off the trail. I also appreciated the links to those items on Amazon!

    Great job as always!


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    • Shannon,

      That’s fantastic! It’s nice to see some positive comments about the project and the blog post. While I enjoyed documenting everything, it’s even more rewarding knowing that it’s been useful to others.

      Staying in shape is easy when you love performing the activity(s) that keep you in shape. Enjoy riding that awesome 29’er and what will soon be a new addiction! 🙂

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  2. Great post and video John. You’re almost as equipped as the bike shop I worked at back in the day, it appears that all you’re missing is a truing stand and wheel dishing tools! lol

    Seriously though, everything looks fantastic, organized and complete. It shows that you really love to work on your bike!

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    • Gregg, thanks for your comments! It’s good hearing from someone who has actually made a living as a bike mechanic.

      The truing stand is going to happen. I was going to get the lower end Park stand (TS-8), but I think the Park TS-2.2 is well worth the increased cost.

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