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Home Gym – Stage IV

When Lisa and I decided to have a new home built one of my primary design concerns was the home gym. I wanted a space on the first floor that was large enough to comfortably accommodate my Titan and its many accessories, my cardio equipment, my dumbbell rack and my plate tree while still allowing plenty of room for maneuvering around “outside the rack” and for exercises such as deadlifts. I also wanted lots of light (my old gym had no lighting and was always very dark), and I wanted the room pre-wired for electricity and cable so I could install a HDTV high on the walls.

I took these design requirements to my builder, and we managed to make a relatively small space meet all these requirements. My gym is just 12′ wide by 14′ 10″ deep, but with careful planning it was more than enough room. I had the builder install recessed lighting and pre-wire for electricity and cable 18″ down from the 9′ 4″ ceilings. I also specified that there be no carpet or other flooring installed (I installed rubber gym flooring myself–more on that later).

Information on my equipment, such as where you can purchase everything and the approximate costs, is provided after the photo tour.

A lot of people have emailed me asking where I bought my equipment and how much everything cost. Here’s a complete breakdown (please note that not all items listed below are still available):

  • I bought my Titan from Fitcore Technologies. The Titan is presently no longer sold in the USA.
  • The 300-pound Olympic barbell sets were about $150.00 each from Play it Again Sports.
  • The recumbent bike is model 231 by Schwinn, but it’s no longer available. The replacement model is the Schwinn 270. This is an excellent bike, and is still going strong after many years of heavy use.
  • The HDTV is the Toshiba REGZA 32LV67U 32″ LCD HDTV with Built-In DVD Player. It was purchased from the Amazon for about $700.
  • The HDTV is mounted on the Peerless Articulating LCD Wall Arm. It’s available from Amazon for under a hundred bucks.
  • The weight tree was about $50.00, also from Play it Again Sports.
  • The flooring is “LokTuff” 1/2″ interlocking rubber flooring. It’s made by Humane, and I purchased it from Iron Company. The flooring comes in 4’x4′ tiles, is extremely tough and is “loose lay” (no glue). Each tile weighs close to 50 pounds, and simply does not come up or buckle. The total cost for my flooring (including shipping) was somewhere around $1000.00.
  • The mirrors are a brand new product from Ivanko. They are actually glassless mirrors. These mirrors are made by stretching a reflective surface very tightly over a lightweight foam substrate. Each 4′ by 6′ mirror only weighs 8 pounds! I was able to hang all five mirrors by myself with no problem whatsoever. The optical quality is outstanding. These mirrors are shatter-proof and are very safe for home gyms. The only negative is that they are very fragile–but then again so are glass mirrors! Each 4′ by 6′ mirror cost about $250.00 (plus shipping) direct from Ivanko.
  • The radio-controlled clock is from La Crosse Technologies. It receives radio signals from the US Atomic Clock and automatically sets itself to the exact time, as well as adjusting automatically for Daylight Savings Time.
  • I picked up most of the the hex dumbbells at Play it Again Sports.
  • The accessory hooks on white wooden mounting plates were purchased from Home Depot for about $15.00 each.
  • The accessories were purchased from a few different places. I got the exercise bands, pressdown straps, wrist wraps, lifting straps, hooks and pressdown rope from various places online. The heavy bag and gloves are made by Everlast and came from Play It Again Sports. The hanging ab straps are made by Grizzly, and I also got them at Play It Again Sports. You can buy the Plate Mates and many of the other accessories from Amazon.
  • Other items that I use include an Ab Wheel, an EZ-Curl bar (Play It Again Sports), various Captains of Crush grippers, the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale, a MyoTape soft tape measure, a body fat caliper (the one I use is discontinued but this Skin Fold Caliper will work just as well), the Timex Ironman heart rate monitor, a Grizzly Leather Dipping Belt and a set of Dumbbell Power Hooks.

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