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Vegetarian Dishes

Black Beans & Yellow Rice

This is the perfect side dish for Pineapple, Lime & Rum Chicken.

Cauliflower Tagine

Fragrant North African spices mingle with cauliflower, vegetables and lemon to create this exotic and easy vegetarian meal.

Cucumber Salad

A cool and refreshing salad that is traditionally served with spicy Thai Satay.

General Tso’s Cauliflower

A healthy vegan spin on an classic favorite. So good you’ll want a second helping; so healthy you can enjoy all you like guilt-free.

Multigrain Pasta With Authentic Italian Marinara Sauce

This is our incredible homemade authentic Italian marinara sauce served over multigrain pasta.

Nitrean and Oats Protein Shake

This is my standard post-workout shake. It’s incredibly good. I vary the amount of protein powder and oats to suit my current needs.

Protein Pancakes

Awesome post workout breakfast.

Roasted Cauliflower Soft Tacos with Spicy Chipotle Cream Sauce

Roasted cauliflower, veggies sauteed in olive oil and a spicy chipotle yogurt cream sauce. These vegetarian soft tacos deliver big flavors, with a spicy kick!

Stone’s Oatmeal

This is not a groundbreaking recipe, but this is how I prepared my morning oats for the first few years of my transformation. Shaking the fat-free milk is the secret!

Tofu Soft Tacos with Onion and Bell Pepper

These vegan (vegetarian with optional cheese) soft tacos are super healthy, and you won’t believe how good they taste!

Ultimate Recovery Smoothie

After a hard ride, this healthy smoothie tastes great and gives my body the recovery nutrients it needs.

Vegetable Tian

Healthy, delicious and beautiful!

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