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Today's forecast: 99°F, Heat Index of 106°F. Hey, let's ride 170 kilometers (106 miles)! 106 miles on hottest day of the year; My Madone’s 10,000 mile birthday.

The name of the club I ride with on most Saturdays is “We Must Be Crazy”, and today we’re going to earn our name. It’s looking like the hottest day of the year is in store: we’re facing a high temperature of 99°F (32.7°C) and a Heat Index of 106°+ (41.1°C). Today’s scheduled ride is 170 kilometers (106 miles), and it’s going to be a pretty tough day in the saddle with this severe heat… [Read more]

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sutton image004 Interesting analysis of similar rides: one geared, one on a fixie.

As you may have read in Tuesday’s blog, this past Sunday I did a 167 kilometer (104 mile) ride, part of which was done stuck in a single gear (see “Forced single speed on Sunday’s century ride“). In that blog I said that I actually enjoyed the single speed part of that ride, as it added a cool new spin to things. On Monday afternoon I received an email from my friend Roger Sutton, who… [Read more]

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Yesterday's 20-minute FTP test (done outdoors): 306 watts average power. Lisa is sick, I’ve got a touch; New FTP established yesterday.

Lisa’s been sick all week, and yesterday she went to the doctor. Diagnosis: two ear infections and some sort of virus. She’s on antibiotics now, and can’t go back to work until Friday. There’s no question I’ve got whatever it is Lisa has, although so far it’s not affecting me too much. Yesterday morning I woke up with a slightly scratchy throat, and feeling a little run down. I’ve been going to bed a little… [Read more]

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Spoke windup. Galvanic corrosion and spoke twist/windup: cause, prevention and cure.

This morning I want to follow up on Monday’s blog, which was focused on a broken spoke and the issue of spoke windup/spoke twist. You may want to give that blog a quick read if you missed it. My spoke broke inside the rim, so it was actually a spoke nipple failure (the spoke itself did not break). As I mentioned in Monday’s blog, I’ve had problems with spoke windup when truing my wheels (… [Read more]

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I rolled out on Sunday's 167 kilometer (104 mile) ride with a beautiful sunrise. Forced single speed on Sunday’s century ride.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to follow-up on yesterday’s post about the broken spoke my rear Zipp 404 suffered on Saturday morning’s ride. I’ve learned a lot of new information over the past 24 hours, and I think it may be of interest to some. This morning, however, I want to shift gears (this is a pun, you’ll see why below), and talk a bit about a funny thing that happened on Sunday’s 167 kilometer (104… [Read more]

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This is Park Tool's Bladed Spoke Holder (BSH-4) tool. Even though I use this tool when truing my wheels, sometimes the spokes still twist. Broken spoke on Saturday.

On Saturday’s ride my bike suffered a ride-ending mechanical: a broken rear wheel spoke. The spoke broke shortly after I’d completed the solo 22 kilometer (13.5 mile) ride to meet my club for the main ride. We had only just set off, and I heard a loud “pop”! I didn’t hear anything rubbing, but a fellow rider pedaled up to me and said my rear wheel had a bad wobble. As soon as he said… [Read more]

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EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale 2014 maintenance progress report: week #22

Week #22 of my 2014 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. Tools of the trade This is the exact equipment I use to track my progress every week   RAW DATA My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 161.6 pounds. That’s a -0.4 pound change since last week’s weight of 162.0 pounds, and a +3.2 pound change from my 2014 maintenance starting weight of 158.4… [Read more]

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Preparing the Ultimate Recovery Smoothie! Ultimate Recovery Smoothie

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Updated Content! New content added!

My 2014 Photo gallery has been updated with a new photo.

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Updated Content! New content added!

My 2014 Photo gallery has been updated with two new photos.

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Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Scallions Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Scallions

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MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire (Black) MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Earbuds

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