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Novembeard - Day 28. Novembeard: Day 28.

Good morning, faithful followers of the beard. November is coming to a close, and this morning I’m presenting the last in my series of Novembeard photographs. Aesthetically speaking I would say that my beard peaked last week, around day 21. At some point over the last week my beard went a little past its “Use By” date, and is looking decidedly rough. The nice thing, though, is the darn thing no longer itches! If you’re… [Read more]

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Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a very special day for me, and it’s probably my favorite holiday of the year. We celebrate Thanksgiving pretty much the same way every year, and that’s just how I like it. Nothing brings me more joy than getting together with my Florida family (and I sure miss my Texas family!), cooking, laughing, telling stories and sharing a great meal. This day always serves as a reminder of what’s really important… [Read more]

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Taking a picture while riding no-hands in the rain with strong winds and 58mm wheels is a little sketchy. I’ve been doing my fair share of rain rides…

We sure have had a lot of rain over the past few days… When Hector, William and I rolled out at 7:00 AM for Saturday’s 105 kilometer/65 mile ride the wind-driven rain was pelting us. Getting caught in the rain is one thing, but actually starting a fairly long ride in those conditions requires a little extra fortitude. I snapped this picture about a mile into the ride. You can’t tell from the crappy picture,… [Read more]

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A near record-high yesterday combined with almost 100% humidity made for a very uncomfortable morning in the hills. Tough hill ride yesterday; Weighted Average vs Normalized Power.

Yesterday morning I heard the hills calling. I decided to head over to Sugarloaf and do a couple grueling loops using a slightly revised version of a hill training loop that I love to hate. This revised loop is 20.8 miles (33.47 kilometers) in length, and it contains right at 1,650 feet of elevation. You must admit, for Central Florida that’s a decent amount of vertical packed into a 21 mile loop! This training loop… [Read more]

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Nitrean Natural. Available in Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Cake Batter. New product: Nitrean Natural; Permanent JSF discount code!

Many of you have been asking long-time JSF Sponsor AtLarge Nutrition for an all-natural protein powder. This morning I’m pleased to announce AtLarge’s latest product offering, Nitrean Natural! Nitrean Natural is a new and improved version of AtLarge’s proprietary protein matrix consisting of three forms of grass fed, rBGH free, drug free whey (concentrate, isolate, and hydrolyzed), micellar casein, and whole egg proteins. Artificial sweetener free, all natural stevia based flavoring systems. Before I post… [Read more]

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Myotape 2014 maintenance progress report: week #36

Week #36 of my 2014 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. PLEASE NOTE: A few words about my methodologies and body fat percentage My body fat, tape measurements and scale weight are all performed while fasted (first thing in the morning before eating or drinking). All measurements are taken “cold” (no pump), and flexed. A 7-point or 9-point body fat caliper pinch test is the most accurate “at-home” method… [Read more]

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The X9 Evolution Home Gym Missing my Titan, hope the X9 will be here soon.

Yesterday morning I hit the weights, and then went for a light 21 mile/34 kilometer recovery ride. Because I sold my Titan earlier this year in anticipation of receiving the new X9 Evolution Home Gym, I’ve been restricted mostly to dumbbells since then (I still have my barbells, too). While I can still get a great workout in using the stuff I have on-hand, I definitely miss having a full-featured home gym. After having so… [Read more]

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AtLarge Nutrition Exclusive AtLarge discount code for JSF members and visitors!

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Preparing the Ultimate Recovery Smoothie! Ultimate Recovery Smoothie

After a hard ride, this healthy smoothie tastes great and gives my body the recovery nutrients it needs.

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Updated Content! New content added!

My 2014 Photo gallery has been updated with a new photo.

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Updated Content! New content added!

My 2014 Photo gallery has been updated with two new photos.

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Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Scallions Spicy Lime Tilapia with Baby Spinach, Asparagus and Scallions

This low-calorie and extremely healthy spicy Tilapia dish is loaded with great flavor and is a snap to prepare!

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